Thursday, September 21, 2023

Chambliss Center for Children gets renovation and addition Estimating

A child care institute is renovated and achieves the modern, flexible and dynamic impact as new construction.

World Estimating today announced a new round of series 3, funding of their Estimating Services for Renovation and Addition at a valuation of $10,000,000. Nathanial James led this round of financing with participation from Eden Construction.

“I have visited this place and want to contribute our Quantity Takeoff Services. World Estimating has delivered expert estimating for this Child Care Institute’s renovation to achieve modern, flexible, and dynamic impact as new construction. We help to enhance the area of the building by serving the school’s diverse population through creating active learning and collaborative spaces.” says Nathaniel James, Owner at World Estimating. “This renovation was crucial up to the District’s vision that addresses circulation and ADA accessibility concerns. Our estimates for the addition of new Orchestra and Science Labs will allow natural light that acts as prominent in the learning environment without sacrificing the iconic exterior of the building.”

“Eden Construction assists this institute by guiding the District through a comprehensive construction process to align the facilities with the modern and upgraded education and implements personalized, collaborative learning practices while preserving the historic character of the building. Our renovation of this masonry structure involves flexibility and transparency to create many philosophical and technical challenges. Its design is preserving the character and history of the beloved structure while completing the transformation of the education process given to the students.” says Ted Fernandes, Contractor at Eden Construction. “We set a standard for future learning without losing its connection to the past. Our contribution has regained this building as a source of pride for the community and positioned the District, teachers, students, and community for success.”

This round of funding is useful to bring the facilities with modern education and collaborative learning practices. Specifically, few areas that the World Estimating will focus on are:

  • Construction Renovation of the department-based layout
  • The addition of science labs and orchestra areas opened up space inside the building to allow wider circulation paths.
  • Expansion of library and cafeteria and transform student common spaces to become centers for student life within the facility.

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