Blackpool schools report good attendance rates despite Covid pressures

Posted on Monday 25th October 2021

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Recently published data from the Department for Education reveals that the rate of pupil attendance across Blackpool was above the national average throughout the first half term of the school year.

Despite Blackpool being a COVID-19 hotspot with some of the highest rates in the country, attendance rates saw 93% of pupils in school which is higher than the national average of around 90%.

This is close to 4% below the national average for secondary schools and over 5% lower for primary schools.

The strong attendance figures for Blackpool’s schools reflects well on school staff and the relationships they have developed with their communities.

Schools in Blackpool are bucking the trend for attendance rates so far during the new school year. Despite the many challenges the pandemic has brought, regular attendance at school has been a high priority for schools and families.

Working closely with schools, Public Health and the Department for Education, Blackpool Council has been helping to ensure relevant support is in place to provide a safe and secure environment for all children, teachers and support staff.

Parents and carers of school-aged children are encouraged to help prevent COVID-19 spreading in schools by taking a PCR test even if they only have very mild symptoms.

PCR testing is free, accurate and can be ordered to a home address. Visit or call 119 to find out more.

Cllr Jim Hobson, Blackpool Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care and Schools, said: 

“It is remarkable to see attendance rates so high.

“It’s a real testament to all our schools and early years settings for their ongoing hard work and commitment to make sure a day at school is as safe as can be for everyone. We appreciate your continued support and dedication to our young people.

“When families needed help and support, our schools stepped up. The relationship between school and home has been strengthened and we are now seeing strong attendance rates despite the obvious challenges.

“We’d also like to thank all parents and carers for your support with settling pupils back into school and making sure that children continue to attend.”

Posted on Monday 25th October 2021

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