International Women’s Day: being a modern feminist in a traditional role

I consider myself an intersectional feminist. So, what does this mean? Fundamentally as a feminist you believe in the political, social and economic equality of the sexes. It is important to advocate for women’s rights for all women, so this includes women of colour, transgender women and queer women, an intersectional feminist will and should campaign for everyone with no exclusivity. It is these core beliefs that I try to maintain in all aspects of my life, including within my career choices. However, having said that I do not claim to a perfect feminist, and I actively acknowledge that I am still learning every day. Attending Norland has allowed me an opportunity to widen my experiences as a feminist and reflect on them as I continue my journey into the

Since people have been having children there has been a demand for support and help in raising them – it takes a village. For an equally long time there have been clashing opinions on how or who should raise these children, and I do not expect this to change any time soon. Whilst current arguments primarily revolve around providing parents with universal childcare there is much more limited discourse regarding the people who provide this care professionally, the nannies and the childcare practitioners. The role of these people and their respect as skilled professionals often gets overlooked.

Out in the wider world, women in a heterosexual relationship do almost 60% more unpaid work than men within the UK even if both have full-time jobs. This is primarily in childcare and homemaking which are both seen as traditionally women’s work. A woman can go and work a full-time job and then come home and take on the entire responsibility of caring for her child(ren) – although attitudes are now showing a shift away from this ‘traditional’ and outdated mindset. Anybody who does this – male, female, non-binary – deserves endless respect as raising children is and always has been a full-time job, something that has only been reiterated through my journey so far here at Norland.


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