Highways Capital Programme for 2022/23 recommended for approval

Our Cabinet members will be asked to approve the Highways Capital Programme for 2022/23 which will see a total of £17.6m invested in the road network across Barnsley.

The highway network is the most valuable asset the council owns. The total cost to replace it in full is estimated at £2.1bn including carriageways, bridges and all other highway structures.

The proposed programme for the coming financial year, to be presented to Cabinet at their next meeting on Wednesday 23 March, continues the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach in determining the balance between structural, preventative, and reactive maintenance to improve the resilience of the highway.

It also includes the continued development of improvements to the network, such as measures to improve road safety, alleviate delay issues for the public travelling on the network, improve air quality and encourage active and sustainable travel.

The strategy also sets out how we’ll continue to recycle materials from highway maintenance work where possible as part of our work towards a more sustainable carbon net-zero borough by 2045. Existing road surface is recycled after being removed, and kerbstones can be crushed to produce material which can be used in other construction works.

Cllr Pauline McCarthy, Cabinet Support Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We’re committed to our borough having better homes, jobs, services and transport links, and to achieve that it’s vital we continue to invest in our existing highway network to keep people moving safely.  

“This Highways Capital Programme will help make our roads safer and more sustainable and helps us keep Barnsley moving for residents and visitors.”

The full cabinet report is available here.

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