Youth Council work to raise the issue of Domestic abuse

Supporting young people to spot the signs of controlling relationships

Domestic violence is still a ‘hidden’ issue in our society and it is even more so for children and young people who are experiencing new relationships and not always sure what a healthy relationship should look like.

Domestic abuse in relationships and specifically coercive control was voted as a top priority by young people across all areas of Doncaster in a consultation carried out by the Youth Council and an issue they felt needed to be addressed through an awareness raising campaign designed and developed by young people.

As part of this work a campaign has been developed which includes a film highlighting what controlling relationships might look like and providing information and encouragement to seek help and support.  The film will be in both of Doncaster’s cinemas throughout April

Debbie John-Lewis, Assistant Director for Communities and Chair of the Domestic Abuse Partnership Board said, ‘If a boyfriend or girlfriend is being physically or emotionally abusive or controlling in anyway, including over the phone, messaging or using social media, this is relationship abuse and we would really encourage you to seek help to leave the relationship. If a parent or guardian is worried about a relationship that their young person is in they can find information on the council’s website to support their young person. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Youth Council for their commitment to this important issue and to say how inspirational it is to see them play such a big part in such an important subject as raising awareness and encouraging identification of a controlling partner.’ 

There is never an excuse for abuse and help is always available, the film along with further information about healthy relationships is available on the council’s website Domestic abuse and young people – Doncaster Council

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Last updated: 29 March 2022 15:30:58

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