Share your photos and celebrate Boscombe and Pokesdown!

Posted on Monday 9th April 2018

The Boscombe & Pokesdown Community is looking to discover and celebrate the stories and activities of local people, residents and workers of all ages and backgrounds in the area. 

Together with the Council’s Community Regeneration and Heritage team, and with the support of the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership, the community wants to explore and celebrate the culture of Boscombe & Pokesdown with a local exhibition.

To truly represent the community, the project team needs your help and your photos! We are looking for local people to submit photos of themselves, their community or social group in Boscombe & Pokesdown which will later be displayed in an exhibition for people to visit.

If you’d like to be involved, please share your photos (taken in Boscombe & Pokesdown) with us via Facebook (@bournemouthbc), Twitter (@bournemouthbc) or Instagram (@bournemouthcouncil) using #BoPoCulture. Not on social? You can email your photos to

It could be a new photo or it could be one you already have – a local memory you cherish, or a typical moment of living in the area. The aim is to capture, through images, what draws people together, where people like to visit locally, and what is important and of value to those who live in the area and why. 

Councillor Jane Kelly, ward Councillor for Boscombe West and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Public Health, said: “This is a fun way of celebrating the people and cultural activities in Boscombe & Pokesdown. I’d encourage all parts of the community to get involved, send in your photos and be part of an exhibition which is all about you!”

Last year, workshops were held with community group leaders and the idea of preparing a Cultural Strategy was discussed and supported. Key themes that emerged as expressing the uniqueness of the area were: Creativity, Heritage, Green and Diversity. The project team is aware of the individuality and vibrancy within the area, but now wish to involve the community to appreciate it in a new way. 

It’s important for local communities to share what’s important to them and why, so that potential future funders of projects in the area are confident about what to invest in, the strength of the identity in the area, and that the community will support them.

More information, including a timeline for the project is available online here:   

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