Council agrees plan to refurbish public conveniences in the district: Chichester District Council

The initial stage of the project will now begin which will include site surveys, designs and costings.

The five sites were chosen based on a number of factors including public and partner feedback and level of use.

The public conveniences that have been identified for refurbishment are: Priory Park, Chichester; East Beach, Selsey; Tower Street, Chichester; Bosham Lane, Bosham and Market Road, Chichester.

“Good quality facilities and public areas are vital to leaving people with a positive lasting impression of the district, which helps to support the visitor economy. This is a key aim within the visions that have been developed for our city and towns,” says Cllr Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Growth, Place and Regeneration at Chichester District Council.

“This is why it is important that we provide modern and clean public conveniences for those who are visiting or moving around the district. We’ve already seen the impact that improvements can make on the sites that have already been refurbished. This includes introducing better disabled facilities. We believe that investment in these sites is going to make a very positive and significant impact.”


Date of release: 3 May 2022

Reference: 4118

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