Share The Road launched in Cheshire

A Cheshire-wide campaign has been launched by the Cheshire Road Safety Group (CRSG).

The group’s Share the Road 2022 campaign aims to promote road safety by ensuring all road users are aware that everyone has the right to use the road safely.

The ambition of the campaign is to prevent avoidable serious and fatal collisions on the county’s roads.

Knowing how to carefully pass a cyclist or bike rider, being aware of a tractor or HGV driver’s blind spot, and allowing time for pedestrians to cross the road, are the difference to whether we make it home or not to our loved ones.

Share the Road features a series of events, a radio awareness campaign and branding on buses across the county.

The events are being held to raise awareness of how to share the road safely by respecting each other’s space.

All events are free to attend, visitors can pick up helpful tips and get expert advice from road safety professionals.

The weeklong events schedule runs from Monday 16 to Friday 20 May, each event is hosted by a CRSG member with a different emphasis on specific road users.

National Highways will be focusing on commercial vehicles’ blind spots and tyre treads at Lymm Services; Warrington Borough Council is hosting a “Close Pass Awareness” event at IKEA on the Gemini Retail Park; Halton Borough Council is running “Pedestrians Look, Don’t Like” at Widnes market while Thursday sees “Close Pass Awareness” aimed at cyclists hosted by Chester and Cheshire West Borough Council.

Throughout the week Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Cheshire Fire bike with a Police rider will be travelling across the county with “Motorcycle Awareness” and sign posting motorcyclists to the Bikerdown and Bikesafe initiatives.

Details of all events are available at Share The Road | Cheshire Constabulary

The radio ad is being broadcast on both Capital and Smooth in North Wales and Cheshire as well as digital stations covering the county.

Buses on busy routes have the message “Respect each other’s space” on their rears.

There is also a Share the Road web page that features a compelling film showing how behind every road user there is a person with their own story to tell – whether they’re a pedestrian, cyclist, horse rider, tractor user or HGV driver. The thought provoking film has captured snapshots of their stories and can be viewed at Share The Road | Cheshire Constabulary

Head of Cheshire Police’s Roads and Crime Unit & Response, T/Superintendent Sarah Heath said: “Cheshire is a diverse county made up of bustling city and town centres and sleepy villages. The roads network reflects that diversity with some of the country’s busiest stretches of motorway, main artery routes and quiet rural lanes.

“Horse riders, cyclists and walkers are so lucky to have a great choice of scenic routes to enjoy. Tractor drivers, motorbike riders and motorists also share these roads so it’s important that we’re all aware of how to be mindful of our own and each other’s safety.

“Our officers know only too well what it’s like to attend a road traffic collision and how devastating the consequences can be. It’s particularly upsetting when it’s due to someone’s impatience or lack of consideration for the other road users involved.

“If people understand and give more thought to those that they’re sharing the roads with, we can make Cheshire’s roads safer than ever.”

Station Manager for Road Safety at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Ryan Swindelld said: “We’ve seen an increase in the number of motorcyclists hurt on our roads in recent years so will be directing our attention to them as part of the week.

“We want to reduce the number of casualties on the roads so will be highlighting some of the dangers to help them avoid a crash.

“To help with this we will have a Cheshire Fire liveried motorbike and its rider out on the road to speak to fellow riders about such things as wearing the correct clothing, dehydration and general motorbike riding advice.

“Actions taken in the first few moments after an accident can be crucial in minimising injuries and can make a real difference to the lives of those involved, so our staff will also be educating people on what to do if they are first on the scene and come across a rider in difficulty.”

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport, Councillor Karen Shore said: “I’m delighted that the Council has been able to support this important campaign by arranging the Close Pass event in Northwich. Our previous event, held in Chester city centre, was a fantastic day of collaborative work at which vital messages were delivered to a huge number of people.
“Our Road Safety team has said there were interesting discussions with both drivers and riders, often the same person. Drivers said using the close pass mat on the ground really made them think about the appropriate passing distance to ensure cyclists were kept safe.

“Many thanks to the partners and Council officers involved in the events and spreading these important messages.”
Cllr Hans Mundry, Warrington Borough Council cabinet member for transportation, highways and public realm said: “It is incredibly important that all of us learn how to share the road, regardless if we are a motorist, cyclist or horse rider.

“These events are a great way for everyone to become more considerate towards other road users and to help keep themselves and each other safe. All road users deserve to use the road safely and share the responsibility of ensuring others’ wellbeing.

“I encourage you all to take part in the informative events, even if it’s just one, and to share what you’ve learned with others.”

Cllr Stef Nelson, Executive Board Member with the portfolio for Environment and Urban Renewal said: “It’s essential that all types of road users share the road responsibly. Collisions have a lasting impact, both physically and mentally, and the more we can educate road users about how to share the road safely, they could be avoided.”

As part of the Cheshire wide Share the Road 2022 campaign, Halton is focusing on pedestrians, a vulnerable road user group who accounted for 27% of road fatalities in 2019”.

CRSG was formed on 1 April 2011.The group consists of Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council, Cheshire East Borough Council, Warrington Borough Council, Halton Borough Council, Cheshire Police, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and National Highways.

The main purpose of the group is to reduce the number of people killed, seriously or slightly injured on the roads.

The group is supported by a Technical Officers Group, which undertakes coordinated road safety measures within the Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Area, and an Education, Training and Publicity (ETP) Group, which coordinates and delivers intelligence led initiatives and campaigns to promote safer use of roads across Cheshire.

The CRSG is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of speed and red light safety cameras within Cheshire.


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