Dorset Young People raise £825 for local charities in bid to give back to the community

Posted on Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Young people working with the Dorset Combined Youth Offending Service have helped to raise £825 over the last year that will be donated to a number of charities and the team’s Victim Fund. The Youth Offending Service works with young people aged between 10 and 17 who have committed offences. The service aims to steer young people away from further offending and help them get back on a more positive track.

Many young people in contact with the service must complete community work as a way to repair some of the harm that they have caused through their offending. Young people have created wooden reindeers, snowmen, penguins and Christmas trees, as well as plant, bird and bug boxes. The service also offers victims the opportunity to meet with young people in restorative meetings to talk through the impact of harm caused and what can be done to move forward.

 Councillor Nicola Greene, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, said: “The reparation project has been a huge success and it is great that young people have been able to use their time positively for the benefit of a range of local charities. It has helped young people understand the consequences of their actions and impacts on victims.”

The following charities will receive money raised:


1.         The Bus Shelter £80.00                                                              

2.         Albert Copper Homeless charity £50

3.         The Pod Sandi free lunch club Kinson £50

4.         Street Light – Wimborne £50

5.         Margaret Green Animal charity £125

6.         MOSAIC bereavement services for young people £150

7.         Adam Bailey Rescues and Rehomes £75

8.         The Wave PROJECT £40

9.         Air Ambulance £55

10.       Victims fund £150.00


The team are always keen to receive suggestions from members of the public about potential reparation projects and can be contacted at:

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