Doncaster takes a walk on the wild side

In the past 50 years the UK has experienced declines in two thirds of its plant and animal species. Whilst there are a range of reasons for this, a loss of habitat is a significant factor.

Doncaster Council is taking this responsibility seriously by creating habitats that support wildlife.  128 areas spanning over 1.5 million square metres of green open space have been ‘naturalised’ as part of Doncaster Council’s efforts to tackle the Climate & Biodiversity Emergency. As well as this, a further 29,000 square metres in Doncaster has been transformed into wildflower sites.

Naturalisation is the process of allowing certain areas of wildflower and grassland to be left uncut during the growing season to support local animals, insects and fauna.

To allow residents to learn more about the process of rewilding Doncaster, a series of signs have been placed in the naturalised areas to explain how they allow wildlife the opportunity to thrive.

As sites are being left to grow, desire lines and clean edges will still be maintained in these areas, making sure that the naturalised grasslands are still looking neat and tidy as well as remaining accessible to the public.

Cllr Mark Houlbrook, Cabinet member for sustainability and waste at Doncaster Council, said: “Protecting and preserving our local climate is a vital priority when maintaining green open space in Doncaster. Naturalisation, preserving wildflower areas, and supporting Doncaster’s wildlife are all key steps in making that possible and helping to play our part in this climate emergency.

”128 areas over 1.5 million square metres is excellent progress – and I encourage members of the public to go out and visit these sites across the city and have a look at the impact the areas are already having on our local wildlife.”

You can find ‘Wild Doncaster’ sites across the city, including in our wide range of parks and green spaces. Learn more about your local park.

To find out more, visit our naturalisation trial project webpage

Last updated: 16 June 2022 12:41:33

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