National Let It Go Day

June 23rd marks National Let It Go Day in the US.

Let It Go Day was coined by Tom and Ruth Roy to release worries and troubles that have been playing at your psyche. Therefore, this week, we are focusing on the art of letting it go.

Feelings of regret and disappointment can sometimes consume us for days, months or even years. Certainly, there comes a time where you must think of your own well-being and put negativity aside to move forward in life.

We all have past situations and circumstances that deeply hurt us and we cannot seem to escape. Nevertheless, it is important to never lose sight of the fact that healing and moving towards a more positive mind-set comes with letting things go.

Even if the other party/-ies involved have yet to address or forgive, it is essential for you to forgive yourself to let it go if any bitterness is still attached in your memories.

Here are some ways you can spend the National Let It Go Day:

  1. Set intentions

Be deliberate and direct with yourself. Actively acknowledge the areas of your life that are causing you regret and guilt and allow yourself the appropriate time and space to move on. You can write down such instances so you are staring them in the face and then cross them out, bin them, burn them. Do what you should to walk away from the past.

2. Spend time with loved ones

Whether that is family, friends, lovers, pets, kids, etc. Clear your schedule for the people whose company you most enjoy. Try to spend the day doing an easy and enjoyable activity, such as games or movies!

3. Declutter your space

It is no secret that our environment affects the way we feel. Decluttering your space will allow you to feel lighter, freer when you take time to get rid of old ornaments that remind you of an unpleasant memory or person. Throw away what no longer represents who you are to take a step in a newer, fresher direction.

We think that the Let It Go Day is well worth celebrating and we hope this short piece has inspired you to take a more active role in letting toxic thoughts go and giving yourself the required room to lead a more positive life!

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