Hackney helping lead the electric vehicle charge

One of the country’s biggest expansions of electric vehicle (EV) charging points has taken a step closer after Hackney Council agreed to award contracts that will see 3,000 chargers on the borough’s streets by 2030.

Last night’s (Monday) Cabinet Procurement and Insourcing Committee backed the plans to enter into 15 year contracts through the Council’s energy services arm, Hackney Light and Power, with two companies to provide a range of slow, fast and rapid EV charging points across the borough.

The move will see the current total of Council owned 303 charging points increased to 3,000 in the next eight years.

There are currently 42,000 registered vehicles in Hackney with 1,170 (2.7%) being plug-in EV vehicles.  It is estimated that by 2030 around 20 percent of all vehicles in the UK will be battery electric. 

However, the Council has ambitious plans to encourage a 90% take up of electric vehicles in Hackney by 2030 – which supports its aims to become a net zero carbon borough by 2040.

One of the biggest challenges to encouraging people to switch to an EV is the concern about the lack of charging points. Through these contracts the Council is seeking to have at least one charging point per estate.

While EVs still contribute to particulate matter pollution through tyre wear, their uptake will help to reduce tailpipe emissions like nitrogen dioxide across the borough, helping to tackle London’s air quality crisis.

The charging stations will be powered by 100% renewable electricity, which will in some cases be locally generated. It is also estimated that over the life of the contracts the chargers will raise more than £9million in income for the Council.

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