Mole Valley District Council Urges Change to Energy Rebate Scheme to Help Support Park Home Owners – Latest news from Mole Valley District Council

At its meeting on 12 July 2022, the Council considered and unanimously agreed to pass a motion that has seen Mole Valley District Council writing to the Government and local MPs urging them to commit to rectifying the Energy rebate arrangement. As it stands, the majority of Park Home residents will miss out on the £400 support.

In response to the escalating cost of living crisis, the government announced in May 2022 that every household in England was set to benefit from a minimum energy rebate payment of at least £400 to help offset the projected future rise in energy bills.

The existing energy rebate scheme would see households that have a direct relationship with electricity companies receive the payment. However, this arrangement would see the majority of Park Home residents who purchase their electricity through their Park Home Site Management miss out on the government’s financial support.

Mole Valley District Council recognises how important this payment could be in the current economic climate and has written to ministers asking for a commitment to rectifying this issue which, if left unaddressed, could financially impact many Park Home owners.

Councillor Stephen Cooksey, Leader of Mole Valley District Council, said: “It is really important that we stand up and press the government to take action. If unaddressed, a great number of people who live in Park Homes will miss out on £400 at a time when people’s finances are being stretched to the limit. It is completely understandable local Park Home residents are disappointed that, while the government has recognised this “anomaly” in the Energy Rebate arrangement, there has to date been no clear commitment to resolve it. I do hope, with support from local MPs, that changes will be made.

“Since Council held this important debate, we have also become aware of others who may be similarly affected, such as some people living in Alms Houses and sheltered accommodation. We will continue to do what we can to ensure all these anomalies are resolved.”


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