Dorset Council Bus Improvements Survey

In March 2021, the Government launched Bus Back Better, a new National Bus Strategy for England with the key aims of making buses:

  • More attractive for passengers
  • More affordable
  • Easier to understand and use
  • Faster and more reliable
  • Greener

The Council had submitted a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and bid for funding which aims to revitalise bus services in Dorset. Although the bid was unsuccessful, there will be future funding opportunities which the Council will apply for to deliver the plan.

The BSIP will be refreshed annually, and the Council is launching a survey to seek further input from the public on their priorities for better bus services while understanding that funding is limited. We will also be collecting the views of local businesses, tourism and health service providers, and town and parish councils as well as local transport action groups and other stakeholders.

The key aims of the BSIP are to improve public transport in Dorset by

  • promoting better use of the existing network
  • introducing simpler and better value fares
  • providing an easier to understand ticketing system
  • providing better connections within the existing transport network
  • improving journey times
  • exploring alternatives to traditional bus services to enlarge the current network.

Cllr Ray Bryan, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment, said:

“Despite the lack of funding from the BSIP bid, Dorset Council will continue to seek ways to improve transport in Dorset. This survey will help Dorset Council to refresh the current BSIP with continuing input from stakeholders contributing to plans for the future”

Cllr. Noc Lacey-Clarke, The Cabinet Lead for Environment, Travel and Harbours, said:

“We are keen to understand peoples’ priorities for transport services in Dorset and I would encourage everyone to fill in this survey so that Dorset can develop a high quality transport network.

Complete the survey 

The closing date is midnight on 11 September

Printed copies are available from Dorset Council Customer Access Points or you can contact Dorset Council Customer Services on 01305 221000 or by emailing

Comments, suggestions, and ideas can be emailed to


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