Local Safety Scheme funding approved by councillors

The funding for two schemes have been approved by councillors in Hartlepool as part of on-going efforts to improve road safety and reduce casualties.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee has supported plans for Local Safety Schemes in Park Road (west) and on Coronation Drive at Seaton Carew.

These will be funded through the authority’s Local Transport Plan (LTP) – money provided by the Government.

The committee heard that both areas were top of a prioritised list determined by factors such as accident statistics, police speed survey results, pedestrian usage levels, footfall and community concerns.

The Park Road proposals will look to install a zebra crossing in the vicinity of Eldon Grove, whilst the potential signalisation of the nearby junction with Osborne Road is also to be investigated.

The area has seen three serious and three slight accidents in the last five years, with excessive vehicle speeds being identified as a factor.

The proposal for Coronation Drive – where there have been two serious and four slight accidents over the same period – involves upgrading an existing pedestrian island near to the junction with Warrior Drive to a zebra crossing.

A number of accidents have also taken place near to the Newburn Bridge car park entrance and signage/road marking improvements are to be carried out to raise awareness of the car park and the need to take care due to turning vehicles.

Councillor Tom Cassidy, Chair of the Committee, said: “The Council is committed to improving road safety and reducing casualties across the Borough, but demand for Local Safety Schemes continues to outstrip the available budget.

“That is why we adopt a fair system that enables us to prioritise requests which ensures that action is taken in areas where it is most needed.”

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