Clearing 2022: It let me enhance my career with a degree

Thu 25 August, 2022

A part-time teacher has spoken about how she applied to study at the University of Bedfordshire via Clearing in order to enhance her career in education.

Clearing can be used by anyone applying to study higher education, including those who decide to go to university last minute.

School of Arts & Creative Industries student, Ruth, already worked in a school but decided she wanted to study at the University to help improve her teaching career prospects. As she already had her A Levels, she contacted Bedfordshire’s Clearing team to apply.

Read Ruth’s Q&A to find out about her Clearing journey and experience of studying at the University of Bedfordshire…

I have always loved performance, theatre and literature and wanted to find a course that encompassed all of my passions. I work part time in a secondary school and will be starting my Drama Teacher Training in September, so studying Theatre and English at the University has been a massive benefit towards my career.

I didn’t apply via UCAS. Instead I researched the course I wanted to study and applied directly to the University via Clearing as I already had my A Level results and certificates. It was the closest university to my house and job, plus it offered my ideal course! It was a really simple process and the Clearing operators were really helpful.

On the day I contacted the admissions team, I felt apprehensive but excited! I knew that it would be a challenge working alongside my course, but I was ready to embrace it.

Yes absolutely! The process was so much easier than applying through UCAS and as I was a little bit older and knew exactly the course I was looking for, it was a no-brainer!

Stay on top of your emails. Lots of the communication will come through email so make sure you are checking it regularly!

Firstly, give everything a go and keep an open mind! The module leaders are really diverse so there are lots of opportunities to do things you have never tried before. It may not make sense at first but trust the process – you won’t regret it!

Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask questions – everyone is really supportive and more than happy to point you in the right direction.

The University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team is on hand up until October to discuss courses, funding, accommodation, student support and any other queries about life on campus.

Give the Clearing Hotline a call today on 0300 3300 073 or apply online:

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