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Date published: 22nd June 2021

Meadow Walk, Fakenham, an extra care facility that has recently opened its doors, has welcomed its first residents.

Janet and Leonard moved into the facility after living in housing unsuitable to their needs, and expressed how it was “the best thing they ever done.”

Leonard commented: “We feel like we’re floating on cloud. There’s nothing that’s too much trouble, the carers are wonderful, always smiling. Any problems I might have they put them right. The outlook is superb, I’m looking forward to spending time in the garden and having a bite to eat in the café. If the score was out of 100 I would give it 110.”

Janet agreed and added: “It’s peace of mind for me. The care especially, they just can’t do enough for you. I went out to drop some keys back, and they came in and made him a cup of tea and looked after him. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.”

The facility, managed  by Housing 21, was designed with care needs in mind, but keeping residents’ independence at its core. Each level has a different colour scheme so residents can help identify which level they are on with ease, and each room as a “memory shelf,” where they can leave objects outside their door to help them remember which room is theirs.

A functioning, “yesteryear” themed shop called the “Nostalgia Room” is housed on site so those who cannot necessarily leave to shop independently can still enjoy the experience of picking up essential items, as well as an indoor potting shed for gardening.

Maureen Dunne, Housing 21 Extra Care East Manager, commented: “At Meadow Walk we very much pride ourselves on independence. Say for example, [in a couple] if one of them had to go into a residential or a nursing home then that means they can’t live together. Whereas here we can deliver that care and the couples have the option of staying together and give the other person respite and they have a bespoke care package.”

Cllr John Toye, NNDC’s Portfolio Holder for Planning and Enforcement, said: “What I particularly like is the quality of the building. It’s a new building but it feels like it’s going to stay in great condition. The attitude of the staff and the way they talk about delivering for people and not for the company is really refreshing. It’s a really nice place to go around and it feels like home.”

The facility contains 66 units, with a mix of one or two beds and affordable renting options or shared ownership for greater flexibility for potential residents, including those in receipt of housing benefits.

Those interested can register their interest through Your Choice Your Home.  

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