Getting most wear out of your school uniform

Many schools are doing what they can to minimise the cost of school uniform, but with children growing fast and last school year’s uniform becoming perhaps a little too small to go another year, it’s not surprising that the costs can add up.

We have tips on our Recycle Devon website to help families plan, and where possible get the most out of their school uniform.

If your uniform is still in relatively good condition, could you alter it to extend the length or waist? Or could you hand it on to a sibling, other family member or friend? Alternatively, could you sell it online or donate it to a clothing bank, charity shop or websites such as FreeglePrelovedGumtree or Freecycle. These online sites are good places to also pick up bargains!

When choosing uniform, look for easy clean, long lasting fabrics. Read the labels inside the clothing and look for durable materials such as teflon.

Choosing clothes made from polycotton and synthetic materials mean they can drip-dry, avoiding damage caused by repeated washing and tumble drying. Choosing clothes that have a non-iron label also helps reduce damage to the material.

Clothes that also leave room to grow, with an extendable waist for example, will also help you get the most wear out of them.

The Recycle Devon website also has top tips on how to keep your clothes looking fresh and ready for the start of term. Did you know that you can remove biro stains by soaking the item in milk? Or that spraying the item of clothing with hair spray and wiping with a paper towel will remove ink stains?

For more information, visit our Recycle Devon website.

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