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The Chairs of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have today to the Royal family following the announcement of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. 

Cllr Kathryn Grandon, Babergh District Council Chairman, said:

Today we extend our deepest sympathies to His Majesty the King and theentire Royal family at this very sad time and send our condolences. There will be a real sense of loss across the nation. Her many years of service to this county and across the world will never be forgotten.  The Queenwill always be remembered with great affection and her visits to the district remembered with great fondness“. 

Cllr James Caston, Mid Suffolk District Council Chairman, said:

The loss of Her Majesty The Queen will be felt personally and profoundly all across the district and our nation. She had a long and eventful life, and it was well lived. We think of her with sadness today, but also with joy for what she brought to this great country. She reigned for over seven decades of incredible British history and for the vast majority of us, she has been the monarch for our whole lives. Today, joining with so many others across the world, On behalf of Mid Suffolk District Council I convey our condolences at this time of national mourning”. 

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