Public Health Nursing launches online support and guidance for young people and parents

Life can be difficult enough some of the time, and when you’re young and growing up, those day-to-day interactions with others, your attitude about yourself, your relationships with people at home, at school or work, can be especially overwhelming.

It’s also a challenge for parents and carers seeing changes in their child’s behaviour or personality and not really knowing what’s going on or the best way to support their child.

We have launched the latest in a trio of websites dedicated to providing help and advice for young people, and parents, from pre-natal right through to teenage years.

The first, pre-natal up to children aged five, was launched earlier this year.

The second and third, launched this month, cover age ranges five to 12, and the teenage years, or broadly speaking the primary school years and secondary school years.

All three websites are designed by public health nursing professionals, many of whom are parents themselves, as well as other parents, carers and young people.

‘Health for Kids’ – the primary school years – includes games, videos, and quizzes.  It’s split into four ‘worlds’: healthy bodies, healthy minds, health issues and getting help.  It’s aimed more at the parents.

‘Health for Teens’ – the secondary school years – is for young people and their parents, and tackles the issues many teens go through as their bodies change, and they become more self-aware, while also still working out who they are.

Health for Teens has got advice about growing up, their feelings, lifestyle, relationships and sexual health.  From anger management, body image, self-harm; to spots, puberty and starting a new school; to alcohol, drugs, and gambling; to friendships and good relationships; to consent, contraception and sexually transmitted infections….it’s all there.

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, the Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for children’s services, said:

“As young people, and as parents, we do our best to make the most of life, and to make the right decisions. It’s not easy, and we do what feels right at the time.

“Together, these three websites can help. They’re written by public health nursing professionals who are talking to young people and their parents or carers and see the challenges every day.

“They’ve compiled their advice so that everyone can use it, confidentially, in their own time, in their own company or better still shared between child and parent.

“We’d also like to invite people to send articles they’ve written with helpful advice and pointers that will resonate with this age group, and parents and carers, for possible inclusion on the websites. And to send us details of local events that would be relevant for children and teens, or their parents and carers.”

The sites welcome any additions from local residents. If you have any content, articles or local events you would like to submit for consideration please email:  

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