Funding for Exeter’s thriving cultural sector welcomed in the city

Exeter’s Lead Councillor for Arts & Culture has welcomed the announcement of major funding awards for cultural organisations in Exeter.

Arts Council England has revealed detailed of its new national portfolio of funded organisations for 2023-2026.

In Exeter it has awarded funding to:

  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum – £618,363
  • Exeter City of Literature – £150,000
  • Exeter Northcott Theatre – £127,300
  • Exeter Phoenix   – £128,038
  • Libraries Unlimited – £240,123   

In total, 990 organisations around the country will receive a share of £446 million annually aimed at ensuring people have access to art and culture in their community.

Cllr Wright, the City Council’s Deputy Leader, said: “This is fantastic news for our five National Portfolio Organisations within the city who have been awarded this status and funding. For the bids that weren’t successful, I have hope and confidence that they will be able to continue with their good work in Exeter.

“The funding is not just very welcome as a financial investment but also as a statement of recognition of our cultural sector in Exeter, and the valuable contribution it makes to our city’s economy and wellbeing.

“All of these organisations contribute not just in the obvious way within their own remit but also in providing entertainment, learning and social opportunities for our children, families, visitors and for all of us.

“The RAMM and Libraries Unlimited provide this for free to us, and the theatres and performance venues provide low-cost participation opportunities, as well as those memory-making events and productions that are so important at a time of adversity.”

Cllr Wright added: “This funding, at a time of national and local financial struggle, sends a message that our culture and our creative industries are as important as ever – perhaps more so.

“Exeter is the third biggest city for workers within the creative industries – having this Arts Council funding for our city again gives recognition of those who contribute economically and add social value to Exeter within this sector.

“Particularly pleasing is the new NPO status for Exeter as a City Of Literature, which gives us global recognition through UNESCO. My thanks to all of the organisations for their hard work and their successful bidding for this funding.”

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