Meet the Trump Lawyers who have been sanctioned for Election Lawsuits

  • Trump lawyers are still being sanctioned.
  • At least 16 have been sanctioned by judges, most often for challenging election litigation.
  • Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are just a few of the people who were sanctioned.

Lawyers who try to help Donald Trump with his problems often end up having their own problems.

Sixteen lawyers were sanctioned after they failed to follow through on lawsuits filed against the former president. They have tried to overturn the results in the 2020 presidential election. They also promoted a conspiracy theory that blamed the Russia investigation on a few Democratic party operatives.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen explains the risks of being a Trump lawyer. previously told Insider, is a result of the mogul’s refusal take a loss.

Cohen, who was disbarred for a criminal conviction based upon actions he took for Trump, stated to Insider, “For Donald the only option is victory. “This includes having counsel act in ways that are detrimental to their career and reputation.”

Even though they are not sanctioned, many Trump’s lawyers end-up needing their own lawyers to avoid the worst. Christina Bobb, for instance, is now involved in the Justice Department investigation into Trump sending classified documents to Mar-a-Lago. She has also hired a defense lawyer.

It’s not Trump. Lawyers for MyPillow mogul Mike LindellAnd failed Arizona governor nominee Kari LakeThey were also sanctioned for unsuccessful litigation to cancel votes.

Insider has assembled a list that shows 16 lawyers have been sanctioned personally for Trump’s work. 

Alina Habba

What does Trump do if he wants to sue his perceived enemies. He turns to Alina Habba.

She represented him from September 2021 to complete the settlement of a sexual misconduct case Summer Zervos had filed against him. She has also been involved in other cases. settled a lawsuitProtesters brought him before his security guards, who they claimed beat them up.

But she has been more prominently representing him on the offense. She filed lawsuits against the Pulitzer Prize jury for awarding newspapers that investigated Trump’s ties and his niece Mary Trump for providing tax returns to the New York Times.

These lawsuits have not been successful. Trump’s sprawling lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and other people connected to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was the least successful. The suit claimed that they conspired to spin a false narrative regarding Trump’s connections to Russia. This harmed him in 2016 (which he won) as well as drew attention to him during his presidency with Mueller’s investigation (which didn’t result in any charges against them).

alina habba donald trump lawyer

Alina Habba, a former U.S. President’s lawyer, leaves Trump Tower to meet with Letitia James, New York Attorney General, for a civil investigation. The meeting took place on August 10, 2022 in New York City.

James Devaney/GC Images

Donald M. Middlebrooks is the Florida-based federal judge who oversees the case. tossed Trump’s lawsuit in SeptemberHe described it as “a two hundred-page political manifesto outlining the grievances of those who have opposed to him.” Charles Dolan, a defendant in this case, filed a motion to impose sanctions on Habba and her associates before that. pointing outIn the lawsuit, he was incorrectly identified as a Clinton campaign official and chairman of a national Democratic Party organization.

Dolan’s October motion was granted by the judge. His role in Clinton’s 2016 campaign. the judge foundHis role was to knock on doors and not to convince the FBI to investigate Trump.

Middlebrooks wrote that “the toxic combination of political fundraising and legal fees paid to political action committees, reckless statements by lawyers at rallies or in the media, as well as attempts to advance a political narrative via lawsuits without any factual basis or any cognizable theoretical basis” was destroying the rule of law.

Habba appealed against the sanctions ruling. Clinton and other defendants in the lawsuit ActuallyIn her circle separately filed their own motion for sanctions against Habba in October, which is still pending.

Michael T. Madaio

Habba’s lower-profile law partner at Habba Madaio & Associates was also sanctioned by the Florida judge over the Clinton lawsuit.

Peter Ticktin

Madaio and Habba are based in New Jersey. They needed to find a Florida-based lawyer who would vouch for them in order to file a lawsuit against Clinton and Democratic National Committee of Florida. They ended up working together with Ticktin who owns his own law office in Deerfield Beach. He was also sanctioned.

Jamie Alan Sasson

Sassoon was also a partner at The Ticktin Law Group and was involved in the case.

Collectively, Habba and Madaio, Ticktin and Sasson were required to pay over $66,000 in fines, fees, and costs for the failed case.

Rudy Giuliani

More than any other issue Trump’s quest to overturn the 2020 election resultsHis lawyers were grieved.

Rudy Giuliani — once a leading Republican presidential candidate, mayor of New York City, and US Attorney for the Southern District of New York — took up the mantle of election conspiracy theorist in the waning days of Trump’s presidency.

He was part Trump’s “Elite Strike Force” of lawyersHe tried to convince judges that they should cancel votes so that Trump was declared the victor. Giuliani was sued in Pennsylvania by the Trump campaign. asked a judgeTo toss out 700,000.00 mail-in ballots, and block the certification.

Former Mayor of New York and attorney to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York, is an attorney for Donald Trump.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The case was overturned and Biden’s victory was declared. New York’s state appeals court suspended Giuliani’s law license in 2021, after finding that he made “demonstrably misleading and false” statements about voter fraud.

Washington, DC, suspended his license shortly afterward. Giuliani currently is engaged in a contentious battleConcerned about whether he will still be able to practice law in the nation’s capital.

A DC bar association has also been filed an ethics charge against Jeffrey ClarkA former Trump Administration Justice Department official, who attempted to reverse the election results. The matter is still pending.

Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell spent only a few minutes with Trump’s Elite Strike Force. Trump dropped herJust days after the announcement of the team, it was announced.

Undeterred, Powell struck it out on her own — on Trump’s behalf. She filed lawsuitsIn Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia, allegations were made that rival election technology companies conspired with each other to manipulate vote results in order to give Biden victories in those states.

Each case was dismissed. They later led to defamation lawsuits against the election technology companies Dominion and Smartmatic. These are ongoing.

Rudy Giuliani; Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell is an attorney for President Donald Trump and he holds a news conference at Republican National Committee regarding lawsuits concerning the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Michigan attorneys for Detroit filed for sanctions. grantedIn August 2021, Judge Linda V. Parker of the US District Court was interviewed.

Powell appealedThese sanctions are. The state Wisconsin is also subject to the sanctions. pursuing sanctionsPowell was not allowed to sue in that state.

Lin Wood

The Georgia-based, rabble-rousing lawyer was sanctioned in the Michigan case alongside Powell. Parker found Powell “not credible”, despite him claiming he didn’t know his name was in Powell’s lawsuit. her rulingHe also pointed out that he was the one who filed the lawsuit in advance of the sanction hearing.

Emily Newman

Newman, another attorney who ratified Powell’s Michigan lawsuit was also sanctioned.

Gregory Rohl

Rohl served as local counsel to Powell in her Michigan lawsuit. He claimed that he had only played a small part in the preparation of the lawsuit, and that he only spent a few minutes reading it during a sanctions hearing. Parker did not find his claims convincing.

Scott Hagerstrom

Hagerstrom was another Michigan-based attorney in Powell’s suit. He was also sanctioned.

Stefanie Lynn Junttila

Juntila, another participant in Powell’s Michigan lawsuit filed a grammatically challenged appellate appeal to the judge’s decision to not overturn the state election results. Parker found Parker’s argument to the First Amendment that her briefs are protected was “illogical and inconsistent.”

Julia Z. Haller

Powell was also represented by Haller in the Michigan sanctioned case.

Brandon Johnson

Johnson was also sanctioned for signing onto the unsuccessful lawsuit in the Michigan case.

Howard Kleinhendler

Parker repeatedly called Kleinhendler “dishonest”, in her sanctions order. She claimed that he didn’t tell Joshua Merritt the truth. an IT consultant who falsely represented himself as a former US military intelligence officialPowell claimed to have evidence of election corruption in an affidavit supporting Powell’s lawsuit.

alfredo ortiz howard kleinhendler

Howard Kleinhendler pictured outside a Manhattan courthouse 2021.

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Kleinhendler had also suggested in a hearing that a judge should suspend Michigan’s vote ratification merely because he suspected wrongdoing.

“Litigants and attorneys cannot come to federal court asserting that certain acts violate the law based only upon an opportunity for — or counsel and the litigant’s suspicions of — a violation,” Parker wrote.

Ernest J. Walker

Walker and Gary D. Fielder were Trump-supporting Colorado lawyers who filed a lawsuit seeking $160billion in damages after Biden won the 2020 election.

The judge in charge of the case rejected it. calling the suit’s conspiratorial claims“The stuff that causes violent insurrections to be made,” and sanctioned them both.

“This lawsuit was filed without a woeful lack investigation into the laws and (under these circumstances) the facts,” US Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter wrote. “The lawsuit made or repeated in the public record highly inflamatory and damaging allegations that could have endangered individuals’ safety. This was recklessness at its worst.

Gary D. Fielder

Fielder was sanctioned, just like Walker, for the Colorado lawsuit. Neureiter called it “cut-and paste” and said that it used elements from other failed lawsuits in an attempt to reverse election results. The two attorneys weren’t able  to independently defend the lawsuit’s false claims in court, the judge said.

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