Adds adds custom synthetic voice to news articles

South Africa’s largest news platform adds audio to improve news subscription product., a site owned and operated by South African news group, Media24, last month launched the world’s first customised synthetic voice for news. Subscribers to the newly introduced digital subscription package will be able to access audio versions of all news articles available on the website. Whilst media companies have experimented with pre-existing text-to-speech, News24 contracted SpeechKit, a UK-based technology company, to build a voice specific to the region.

Kelly Anderson, Deputy Site Editor at says;

“We decided to work with SpeechKit and develop a custom synthetic voice to deliver our subscribers the value they deserved. Existing voices struggled to handle pronunciations unique to South African accents and it was imperative that the voice resonated with our readers. We’re thrilled with the result.  The voice handles local names, towns and places better than anything we’ve heard before. It’s much more engaging to listen to a voice that sounds like our brand.”

Audio articles, automated using text-to-speech technology, are rising in popularity as the format moves through the technology adoption curve. Publishers are able to instantly deliver audio versions of their stories through media players embedded on their websites and apps, or through platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This format gives subscribers a new way to engage with articles whilst they get on with other tasks.

Patrick O’Flaherty, Co-Founder and CEO at SpeechKit adds:

“We’re excited to partner with News24 and bring this new voice to their readers. Bringing local accents to audio articles will help take this emerging format to a new level. Our focus at SpeechKit is building seamless and engaging listening experiences. By creating a voice that reflects the local audience we’re already seeing improvements in the listening data.”

SpeechKit develops and integrates high-quality custom synthetic voice technology and audio publishing tools. Research shows that listening comprehension improves when sentences are spoken in a native accent. Up to this point, the team has been working primarily with existing text-to-speech technology.  By creating integrations for newsrooms that allow readers an option to listen SpeechKit allows publishers to improve engagement and retention of news audiences.

The shift in news business models, from advertising-based models towards reader revenue, is forcing publishers to improve their digital retention with new products and strategies. In a recent Reuters Institute report, over half of the publisher respondents claimed audio would be a focus for them in 2020. New technologies, hardware, and audience behaviour are paving the way for a more immersive and modern audio news experience.

SpeechKit was founded by Patrick O’Flaherty and James MacLeod in 2017, after an experiment building a curated audio news digest. Realising that intensive podcast production would serve only a handful of publishers, they developed a platform to automate audio versions of news stories. The service is live on 75+ publishers worldwide and the company recently raised investment from Newark Venture Partners, backed by Audible.

Contact Details;
James MacLeod
Chief Operating Officer
+44 7717 436 497

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C-BIA Consulting adds Oracle, Ellucian and Blockchain capabilities

Meets the 3 IT demands of the COVID 19 ‘new normal’ – accelerated delivery, increased agility, reduced costs

London, UK: C-BIA Consulting ltd, a privately held UK market leader in intelligent applications, BI and advanced analytic solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with Pansoft. This partnership will extend its portfolio of technical capabilities and solutions to better meet emerging needs of clients.

Pansoft’s expertise with Oracle, Ellucian and Blockchain technologies has led it to develop an impressive portfolio of innovative solutions to complex business challenge. These are particularly relevant in the era of COVID 19 remote and distributed working. These include more efficient enterprise resource planning, digital credential compliance through blockchain, and advanced data-driven decision-making.

“There has never been a better time to extend our partnerships. Our clients now demand a wider range of technical capabilities to quickly integrate their core systems and automate business processes meeting the 3 major demands of the COVID 19 ‘new normal’. The partnership with Pansoft will extend our portfolio to meet these challenges. And it will enable us to collaborate to build the next generation of intelligent applications and advanced analytics solutions essential for remote working.Brendan DUNPHY, CEO C-BIA Consulting Ltd.

“In partnering with C-BIA, Pansoft will be able to extend its services to clients across the UK and EU. It will also enable us and, simultaneously, our clients gain access to C-BIA’s exceptional knowledge in data science and BI. By combining our expertise in implementing digitised solutions with C-BIA’s data-driven digital products, we will be able to add value to our clients’ businesses by delivering much more intelligent solutions to them,Nazim Shaikh, CEO at Pansoft.

About C-BIA Consulting Ltd
Founded in 2006 as Genisys Consulting, C-BIA Consulting specialises in intelligent application development, BI & data analytics using Microsoft and Open Source platforms. C-BIA’s focus is on health, education, research, and retail sectors and includes the joint development and marketing of applications such as laboratory management, performance assessment and safe staffing. Clients include Wellcome, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, University of Oxford/Said Business School and Upfield. It has software teams in Mumbai and Pune.
To know more, visit C-BIA Consulting or email

About Pansoft
Founded in 2010, Pansoft Technologies is a leading Information Technology Products, consulting and services organisation, with a global footprint. It extends value to enterprises using Oracle, Ellucian, Blockchain, Analytics and Cloud technologies either isolated or as an integrated platform offering. Pansoft has its operations in India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA and Europe.

To know more about digitised solutions, visit Pansoft Technologies on

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Halo Creative Labs Adds Creative Expertise to AngelMD Community

Leading Healthcare Investment Platform Integrates Full Service Creative Agency to Help Promote Promising Startups

Denver, Colorado, USA
June 11, 2020

AngelMD is extending its support of medtech startups and its healthcare membership through its wholly owned subsidiary, Halo Creative Labs. The firm is an independent full-service creative agency headquartered in Denver, and led by veteran Executive Creative Director Dave Farmer.

The AngelMD community connects thousands of healthcare startups, physician and dental practices, hospital systems and industry organizations. Each of these groups has an important story to tell, and the creative and technical demands of doing this successfully can often be overwhelming. Halo Creative Labs combines its creative talents with significant expertise in healthcare, and other verticals, to craft digital marketing campaigns, enhance online presence, produce high-end videos, vlogs and podcasts, and support a wide range of client marketing efforts. The creative team understands the nuances and changing landscape that is critical when working and promoting healthcare businesses, and the services provided by the Halo team have become indispensable to the growing AngelMD community.

“AngelMD is working to be more effective and efficient in helping startups achieve success. Not only do we provide access to capital, educational resources, key physician advisors and industry mentors, but we understand how crucial it is to be able to communicate a business’ value proposition. It is our belief that a young company’s brand story must be developed in order to maximize the effectiveness of any capital infusion. Halo Creative Labs has helped a rapidly growing lineup of startups on our platform get the attention they deserve through best-in-class digital marketing campaigns, high-end video production, and brand development. The entire AngelMD team is excited to expand this winning partnership in 2020 and beyond,” said Tobin Arthur, CEO, AngelMD.

“Over the last 13 years, the Halo Creative Labs team has focused on helping early stage startups craft a compelling narrative with a strong value proposition that stands out to potential investors. Our partnership with AngelMD is a natural fit, and we look forward to helping the AngelMD team build winners out of the vast array of innovative healthcare companies that are active in the AngelMD community,” said Dave Farmer, Executive Creative Director, Halo Creative Labs.

About AngelMD
AngelMD is an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace, connecting and engaging a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit

About Halo Creative Labs
Halo Creative Labs is a full service creative agency specializing in digital, motion and brand campaigns, focused on helping businesses communicate their story and mission in an increasingly digital world. For more information and to book a consultation, visit

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AngelMD Adds Executive Medical Director to Senior Leadership Team

AngelMD is proud to announce the addition of a clinician-entrepreneur-investor to the ranks of its growing leadership team. Murdoc Khaleghi, MD, MBA has stepped into the role of Executive Medical Director and will focus on physician engagement/education and investment analysis.

“Dr. Khaleghi is the perfect addition to the team. His entrepreneurial and investing experience, while also having been a physician and hospital leader, give him a perspective that ensures we are effectively working with physicians and health systems to evaluate and advise ventures.” said Tobin Arthur, CEO AngelMD.

Murdoc Khaleghi, MD, MBA is an Emergency Medicine physician who has co-founded and/or served as Founding Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer of several life science and health technology ventures including StemoniX, EverlyWell, WellnessFX, and others. After years of angel investing, more recently he has led the Life Science investing cohort of Rockies Venture Club, one of the largest in the country. He has also served as President/CEO of Westfield Emergency Physicians and Chief Medical Information Office of Baystate Noble Hospital. Dr. Khaleghi has degrees in medicine, bioengineering, and business, from Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego.

The heart of the AngelMD network has been physicians, dentists, and scientists, and has developed clinician talent on the management team to optimize network growth and engagement. Physician members of the AngelMD community help source, evaluate and advise companies to create company and physician success.

About AngelMD
AngelMD — an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace — connects and engages a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit

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AngelMD Adds Institutional Finance Veterans to Team

Veteran Wall Street Bankers Join AngelMD To Make Private Healthcare Investing More Accessible and Institutional-Grade.

AngelMD is expanding its financial operations team with the addition of several talented veteran bankers. Bob Velez is leading the corporate development efforts at AngelMD and has begun to assemble a team to operate as a boutique healthcare investment bank offering proprietary fund and single investment products into the market.

Joining Mr. Velez is Ramsey Jallad, Michael Schmanske and Andrew Malloy.

“From the outset, we knew there was a significant opportunity to build institutional-grade investment offerings in private healthcare. The early stage investing market has traditionally been very analog and amateur. Our physician membership helps to source, evaluate and advise companies; and now they can invest alongside a rapidly growing network of institutional investment partners being assembled and managed by Bob Velez and his team. Simply put, Bob is a force who is ideally suited to leading this important effort.” said Tobin Arthur, CEO AngelMD.

Bob Velez: Mr. Velez is a former U.S. Marine who brings 25 years of brokering and sales experience in the Inter Broker Dealer market at firms including Arian Financial Services, AiX and BGC Partners. Mr Velez specializes in launching new institutional grade products and creating liquidity in both voice and digital markets. He has successfully created and matured markets for products in both European Energy markets, and globally, with innovative equity derivative products. Mr Velez will be leading AngelMD global corporate development, assembling an Institutional Syndicate and leading AngelMD’s Institutional Investment Banking team.

Ramsey Jallad: Mr. Jallad has over 22 years’ experience at JP Morgan, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, as well as a number of tech and real estate startup companies in the UK and US. Over his career, he has focused on providing strategic advisory and investment services to Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Quasi-government institutions and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals in the Middle East and Europe. He graduated from Clark University in Business Administration. Mr Ramsey will lead the company relationships with strategic investors, family offices, universities, hospital groups and sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East.

Michael Schmanske: Mr. Schmanske is a 24 year wall street professional. Previously he was head of US volatility trading and managing director at Legham. He developed theoretical pricing models for the VIX and introduced a cross-asset approach to risk management at Barclays Capital. Mr. Schmanske oversaw the launch of the volatility asset class platform which includes the iPath volatility ETNs (VXX and VXZ).  He was the founder of his own hedge fund and was a trader at Nomura and was a market marker for Susquehanna International Group on the CBOE. During his career he has served on the board of directors for the CBOE Futures Exchange, and is currently on the board of ABR Dynamics Funds and EQDerivatives publications. He acquired a BS in aerospace engineering from MIT and a M.S.E in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University. Mr. Schmanske will lead financial operations to include institutional grade research, analysis, product structuring and compliance.

Andrew Malloy: Mr. Malloy has an extensive career on Wall Street with a particular expertise in family office management and alternative fund development. In addition to his first-hand experience in his own family’s multi-generational investment activity, he continues to advise families, and investment officers of families, across the spectrum. Mr. Malloy’s first alternative investment experience was with Loeb Partners, structuring fund of hedge fund products while at Bear Stearns in the mid 80s. Among his additional roles, he was a Partner and CIO at TAG Associates and went on to direct Business Strategy and Development at Wisdom Tree. He graduated from Villanova in psychology. Mr. Malloy is a Sr. Advisor to AngelMD and works closely with its growing network of family office partners.

About AngelMD

AngelMD — an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace — connects and engages a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit

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AngelMD Adds Two Physicians to Senior Leadership Team

AngelMD is proud to announce that it is expanding its executive team with the addition of Mark Foimson, MD, MBA in the role of Chief Medical Officer and Katie Richardson, MD in the role of Executive Director of Clinician Engagement.

AngelMD has thousands of physician and dentist members from all specialties and from every state in the US. Among the clinician membership at large are special member groups including the Ambassador Team, the Clinical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board. In addition to serving as a key spokesperson for the company, Dr. Froimson will work to build and engage each of the key clinical constituencies that comprise the growing AngelMD community.

“Dr. Froimson has been an incredible advisor for the past few years and has an uncanny grasp of the day-to-day needs and interests of physicians as well as clarity around startup, industry and hospital system needs. Dr. Richardson is an equally special leader and brings her passion for innovation and interest in exposing physicians to rewarding opportunities outside their clinical practice.” said Tobin Arthur, CEO AngelMD.

Among key focuses for Dr. Froimson is the launch of the forthcoming mobile app and maturation of the platform to optimize engagement. In addition, Dr. Froimson is a core voice in creating a strong connection between clinicians and entrepreneurs to better identify leading innovations and accelerate the most deserving through their iterative life-cycle.

As the physician and dentist membership of AngelMD continues to accelerate, Dr. Richardson will be focusing on education and engagement of the clinician members. Key to this effort is fortifying relationships with the growing group of national medical societies working with AngelMD to educate their members around entrepreneurship, advisory opportunities and investment.

Mark Froimson, MD, MBA is an orthopedic surgeon who served as President of AAHKS and as CEO of Euclid Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital among his many roles. Katie Richardson, MD is a trained pediatrician who has spent the last 15 years practicing with Kaiser Permanente Colorado and has been working with startups in the growing Colorado ecosystem for the last several years.

About AngelMD
AngelMD — an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace — connects and engages a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit

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