Underdog Afrobeat Artist, JayQ The Legend, Triumphs in Black Charts – Storming Ahead of Kanye West

Underdog Afrobeat Artist, JayQ The Legend, Triumphs in Black Charts – Storming Ahead of Kanye West, DJ Khaled, and Beyoncé!

Artist: JayQ the Legend
Title: Amazing Girl
Single Out Now

You might have thought that with all the amazing tracks released from stars like Beyoncé, Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion, and Dutchavelli in recent weeks, there’d be no room for underdogs in this week’s black music charts. However, British Virgin Islands bred JayQ the Legend has snagged the number 2 spot in this week’s charts, leaving the big stars playing catch-up to his recently released summer anthem ‘Amazing Girl‘.

Speaking about the success of the track, JayQ stated his joy that a song celebrating women is nearing the top spot:


Having climbed 3 places from the number 5 spot last week, it leaves us wondering if ‘Amazing Girl’ will reach that number 1 spot next week?!

More momentum is sure to head towards the track, with the iconic world music video just days away from release. Until then you can check out the feel-good lyric video here:

We’ve got a lot of making up to do for lost time this summer – so make this summer anthem last and keep your eyes peeled for what JayQ the Legend will breakthrough with next!


For more information, please contact or call 01223 844 440

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In “Dear Future Ancestor,” Artist Daniel Beaty Uses Love as Catalyst to Overcome Racial Injustice

In “Dear Future Ancestor,” a poem that speaks to the country’s injustices and inhumanity against African-Americans, author/activist/playwright, Daniel Beatty, soothes, empowers, and challenges “future ancestors” in a firm, but hopeful, way to act now to right the racial injustices that have plagued our country since its start.

A writer of plays, poems and books, Beaty has been addressing issues of race and inequality in titles such as “Run Black Man Run,” “A Lost Black Boy Speaks,” “Dance Mama Dance,” “Love Always Wins,” “Transforming Pain to Power,” and “Knock Knock.” This year’s series of racial events culminating in last week’s death of George Floyd, prompted Beaty to write the poem, “Dear Future Ancestor,” to push future ancestors to act now, but to use love as a sword. Beaty is at once soothing:

“Your courage to love is your heart’s lubrication. And though you are afraid, now is the time to love more.”

hopeful and empowering:

“You are the promise now.”

“You are the architects of freedom.”

“You are the minds that strategize a clear, precise agenda for change now.”

while nevertheless challenging:

Future ancestor, earn your place amongst the legions of ancestors past.

Future ancestor….what are we going to do – now?

In a prior interview, Beaty expressed his philosophy as follows: “I want people to [understand] that we are more alike than we are unalike. I really believe that we are all connected. There are a variety of things that happen in the world that cause us to believe that we’re different from each other. I believe that a lot of the greatest problems that happen in the world come from that false belief that we’re disconnected; but, it is my belief that we’re all reflections of one another.”

“Dear Future Ancestor” is attached as well as a link to a video of Beaty’s presentation of the poem:

Dear Future Ancestor
Dear Future Ancestor,

If I could take all your pain
Wrap it in my arms
And toss it into the depth of the Middle Passage
Where countless tears have filled waters
Stretching from Africa to these Americas
I would

If I could take your rage
And ball it into a collective fist
And smash injustice into a thousand pieces of light
Carving a path for future generations
I would

If I could whisper into the soul of every black child
Confused, trembling in fear:
You are safe. You are protected
Your #blacklivesmatter
I would

If I could promise every black parent
That nothing can assassinate the promise
You birthed into creation
Your seed will flourish, it must
I would

If I could assure every lover that the body you hold
Is sacred, is the peace of God, is a miracle
Your courage to love is your heart’s lubrication
And though you are afraid, now is the time to love more
I would

If my spirit could inhabit everybody that fears you
Illuminate their hearts, their minds, their eyes
To the beauty of your Divinity
Shine light on the oneness of our shared humanity
I would

Because I cannot, please know these words…

You are the King, the Malcolm
The Tubman, the Truth,
The Robeson, The Simone
The direction and the promise

You are the feet that march,
The bodies hosed and arrested
The songs of freedom sung loud
The collective action

You are the architects of freedom
The late night camp meetings
The minds that strategize
A clear, precise, agenda for change

You are the rage and the pain
You are the hope and the vision
Even though your heart is breaking
You are the salve

Future Ancestor know yourself
It is when we are under attack that we must know
The unlimited power of black soul
It is time to mobilize and act

Future Ancestor earn your place
Amongst the legion of heroes past
Breathe deep, look inside: we are here
In your brother, sister’s eyes: we are here

Future Ancestor,
Who are you?
Do you truly know your power?
Then, what are you going to do?

Daniel Beaty Bio

Daniel Beaty is an award-winning actor, singer, writer, and community activist. His critically acclaimed plays Through the Night, Emergency, Mr. Joy, and The Tallest Tree in the Forest – Paul Robeson, have been performed at venues ranging from the Public and Lincoln Center to the White House and maximum security prisons. He has garnered numerous awards including an Obie award for writing and performance and three NAACP Theater Awards. A highly requested performer & keynote speaker, Beaty has worked throughout the U.S., Europe, and Africa. He is the co-writer/star of the critically acclaimed feature film Chapter & Verse. In fall 2011, Beaty launched a nationwide initiative called I DREAM using the tools of storytelling to help individuals and communities heal trauma. I DREAM currently serves thousands of young people in three cities across America. A graduate of Yale University (BA) & American Conservatory Theatre (MFA), Beaty has developed original scripted television shows with Imagine/Fox, Fox/Showtime, and UCP/USA. Beaty just completed a documentary about the impact of mass incarceration on children and families called Behind the Glass. A child of an incarcerated parent himself, Daniel’s poem Knock Knock has become an Internet sensation receiving over 30 million views and has been made into a children’s book, also titled Knock Knock, published by Little Brown Books. Penguin-Random House published his empowerment book Transforming Pain to Power in February 2014. Beaty is developing an original T.V. show based on his life executive produced by multi-Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Alicia Keys, and Vin Diesel. He is currently a writer/producer for HBO’s hit show A Million Little Things.






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SongVest Records signs rock artist Kate Clover!

SongVest Records (Montclair, New Jersey), the first fan-funded record label, is proud to announce that it has signed Los Angeles-based artist Kate Clover to its roster!

Roy D’Souza, President of SongVest Records, states: “We were introduced to Kate by her very talented manager Mr. Ryan Menge, owner of Rebel Union Entertainment. Ryan is a very creative and forward thinker, and he quickly understood and appreciated the SongVest Records model and our goal to change the dynamic between artists and music fans. He believed that Kate would be a great first signing for our roster, and we were quickly convinced of the same once we had a chance to hear the music and appreciate her overall creative talent. We also believe that Kate and the team at Rebel Union will be great partners to work with.”

Kate Clover states: “Have you ever truly defined yourself? Two years ago I could have simply answered with a naive and very simple answer of “no.” Once I decided to record a solo album I had to face this question and really find out who I was. I left my Los Angeles apartment with a suitcase and guitar and headed to Mexico City. I had only a handful of songs and a willingness to let go of everything I knew. I was scheduled to stay for four days but ended up staying for two months. Within that time I wrote my new album “Bleed Your Heart Out” and it has since sent me off on the journey I knew I was meant to be on. I am beyond proud of what I have made and I am very excited to have all of you be part of it.”

Kate plans to release her full-length debut this summer! You can listen to her track Channel Zero here.

Ryan Menge states: “As a company, we actively seek out collaborations with innovative minds and forward-thinking partners. SongVest is a prime example of what the future of the music business can be in the coming years. We couldn’t be happier to have Kate Clover as their first signing.”

About SongVest Records

SongVest Records is a unique independent record label with an entirely new model for the modern music industry. Music fans from around the world have the opportunity to have an ownership interest in our company, help us discover talent and promote the artists on our roster, and get paid royalties based on revenue from sales and streaming. Details are available on our website and crowdfunding page. Our next opportunity to participate will open soon and you can sign up on our website for updates.

About Rebel Union Entertainment: Rebel Union Entertainment is a Los Angeles based artist management company owned by Ryan Menge. In addition to Kate Clover, the team manages Stonefield, Warbly Jets, Moonwalks, Creem Magazine, and The Relationship. Details are available on our website.

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Working from home during the lockdown is nothing new for voice over artist Marcus Hutton

There’s nothing new about working from home for voice over artist and actor Marcus Hutton. He’s been doing it for 20 years.

Based on the south coast, Marcus keeps connected with his advertising clients from a recording booth in his Georgian flat.

The Covid-19 lockdown has created a surge in home working, and in order to keep up productivity, businesses are having to quickly find solutions for their home working staff.

Marcus says:

“Working from home is nothing new for me, I’ve been doing it for 20 years and am very glad at the moment that I invested in my own studio, as all acting work has stopped for at least the next three months. The media businesses and advertising agencies I work for need to keep themselves going and to also be able to keep their output up to the professional standards that their clients expect . The studio enables me to deliver high quality audio and clients are appreciating that. I either self record voice overs and then ftp the audio files to audio engineers for mixing or the client records me via a live link. Engineers are able to do their work from home. The technology and quality, even when run on a laptop, is amazing these days. I am noticing that media folk are becoming very inventive , very fast. Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams are being used everywhere. We are more connected now than at anyone in history”

For live recordings he uses a high quality IP based audio service called Source Connect, with a fast fibre broadband connection . This enables him to record voice overs for commercials and business videos with other studios all over the world, while agency clients listen into the recording session remotely via Skype. In the past week Marcus has recorded live sessions with Swiss, Dutch and Croatian clients.

Marcus’ voice is easily recognisable from TV, radio and online commercials. From TV commercials for L’Oréal to Kelloggs to business films for Rolls Royce and KPMG, to museum guides and phone systems, he has an extremely diverse list of credits.

“An ability to be versatile and available at five minutes notice is a requirement in voice over. At 10.00 am you can be recording a medical video with your best serious doctor voice and an hour later be playing a hyper excited animated character for a confectionary company. It’s never boring”.

“In the past couple of weeks I’ve been recording a lot of voice overs for explainer videos about the coronavirus for clients in Europe , as well as a large numbers of telephone prompts for IVR systems, explaining why there are call delays or why no one is available to answer the phone”

Marcus’ acting career has been extensive; working in Theatre, TV and film. Highlights include playing regular character Nathan Cuddington in Brookside, as well as appearing in Midsomer Murders, Made in Dagenham, The Inspector Allen Mysteries, Doctor Who and Holby City . His most recent film appearance is in the Film 4 and Studio Canal produced “Saint Maud”, starring Jennifer Ehle and Morfydd Clark , which was due for a worldwide cinema release this month and has now been postponed.

“I am sad for the director and producing team that the cinema release has been postponed as Saint Maud is a fantastic film and was generating a lot of heat after big successes at international film festivals. The entire acting, film and tv drama industries have been put out of work in the past two weeks, as has been the case in so many other sectors

There is an established network of professional voice over artists in the UK with home studios, working in audio books, e-learning, radio, video gaming, business video and commercials.

“There’s a tight network of home working VOs in the UK and we mostly know each other. We keep in touch on Facebook forums and all try to meet up a few times a year, just to get out of the house. Obviously we can’t at the moment. We are people who spend a lot of time sitting in airless booths and not seeing anyone apart from family from one day to the next, so the lockdown experience is not all that novel for us. Lately everyone has been Zooming each other. Freelancers have been hit quite badly by this. There’s a lot of uncertainty about work, whether invoices will be paid and whether people will be eligible for government support. These are testing times for everyone and the video chats are comforting. Perhaps there will be an upside to businesses having had the home working experience once the dust settles. The outbreak is showing that it can be done and for a lot of people that could well improve their overall work life balance in future”.

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