Menswear Made Simple – Harris Bespoke now offers online tailoring

Harris Bespoke’s new online menswear brand, Harris Tailoring, is helping men to avoid the shops by bringing the world of bespoke tailoring to their finger tips through a unique online designer and an easy-to-follow self measure guide.

Launched August 2020 –

Brook Harris has been providing personal tailoring services to customers for over 12 years, launching Harris Bespoke with his wife, Claire, in early 2015. After a phenomenal success, with their 1000th order in January of this year, they decided it was time to take the business online to offer their popular products to a wider audience.

With the dramatic impact of COVID-19 and the growing need for social distancing, the team at Harris Bespoke has been busy adapting to their customers’ needs by creating an innovative new way for men to shop online – Harris Tailoring.

With Harris Tailoring you can browse through hundreds of fabrics for suits, jackets, formalwear and casual-wear. Whether you’re looking for a wedding suit, day-to-day business suit, event or smart casual outfit for the weekend, Harris Tailoring has got you covered.

Choose from either their Custom Tailoring construction or Semi-Bespoke; which is crafted part by-hand and part machine, with over 40% sewn by hand, needle and thread.

Avoid poorly fitting clothes and a trip to the shops by providing 12 of your unique measurements, then choose from over 100 styling details including; pockets, lapels, thread, lining and buttons. Your clothing is then cut from scratch for you, in the exact construction, fit and style you like – all from the comfort of your own home!

Once your order and photos have been received, a menswear expert will review them to check for potential errors and to make further adjustments for shoulder pitch, sleeve pitch, sway back and collar length.

With their fast and convenient service, Harris Tailoring deliver to your door in as little as 4 weeks. Once you receive your garments, they offer a free video fitting and additional alterations by post if required (alteration costs apply).

Visit to view all of the clothing ranges and begin designing your perfect outfit!

The first 50 Online Tailoring (clothing) orders will receive £50 off + free shipping. At checkout, enter coupon code: HT-FIRST-50-PR

Harris Tailoring – Menswear Made Simple

Source link creates bespoke vehicle accessories for passionate Tesla-owners

Los Angeles, CA, USA; 7 December 2019 – Tesla delivered a record 97,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2019 and the company’s smallest and most affordable model, the Model 3 was recently named Car of the year in the Parkers New Car Awards 2020 – the first electric car ever to be awarded this accolade.

These and other factors make it clear that Tesla is a brand on the rise and those who own and drive the cars daily, have become its most enthusiastic brand advocates. George Szeto is one such Tesla-owner. A long-time supporter of the company, George even invested in the company before finally purchasing his first vehicle in December 2018.

“I really admire Elon Musk’s ‘never say die’ spirit and have always been supportive of Musk and Tesla’s mission,” says George, “From the launch of first Model S I was intrigued and decided to become a Tesla shareholder. Later, I became even more fascinated with SpaceX and finally, I was ready to buy my first vehicle and decided on the Model 3. It’s a fantastic car and one that I regularly recommend to all my friends and family.”

After taking delivery of his new Model 3, George took his brand passion to the next level when he decided to start manufacturing Tesla accessories for other Tesla-owners.

“I started having road trips with my family in my Tesla and found that I wanted a soft cooler that would fit the car perfectly and blend with its aesthetic, but there was no company on the market making anything like it. I saw a gap and decided create something custom.”

It started out as a fun project, but once George’s unique and stylish Tesla cooler was made, he decided that he wanted to share his creation with other passionate Tesla-owners.

Before long, George had set up and branched out into other accessories including floor and trunk mats. George’s 22 years working in the auto parts industry meant he was well-positioned to develop the products and get them produced to high quality specification. currently stocks accessories made to order for the Model 3 and Model X cars but will gradually develop more items based on demand and popularity of other Tesla vehicles.

As emissions regulations in cities become stricter and more people are choosing electric vehicles, Tesla looks set to continue its impressive growth and more enthusiastic Tesla-owners mean more exciting opportunities for to meet their vehicle accessory needs.

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The First ‘Bespoke’ TRT Clinic in the UK

The Men’s Health Clinic, founded by Dr Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT, is the first clinic of its kind in the UK.  From very humble beginnings they now have their very own private medical clinic that attracts people from all over the world.  The clinic specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of Testosterone Deficiency.  Their clinic offers a uniquely progressive approach to patient care, understanding the need for a personalised approach, not a one-size-fits all model.

Testosterone Deficiency is a medical condition characterised by the negative symptoms associated with low testosterone, along with confirmatory blood test results.  The British Society for Sexual Medicine has set out national guidance to support doctors in making the diagnosis.  Prominent symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency include an element of low mood, anxiety, and-or depersonalisation.  Men often describe a ‘brain fog’, fatigue and low libido.  Other symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass and a decrease in bone mineral density.  As there can be several possible diagnoses for each symptom, it is important to have a comprehensive assessment by a clinician who specialises in the area, before commencing any treatment.  There can also be potential reversible causes for low testosterone and so these should always be addressed before committing to, what should be considered, a lifelong therapy.

From the outside, TRT can appear straightforward; if you have a deficiency you restore the testosterone level using exogenous testosterone.  Unfortunately, this is a simplistic perspective. Exogenous testosterone suppresses the release of Lutenising Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) from the pituitary gland. As there are LH receptors in numerous organs, most notably the testes and the brain, traditional testosterone monotherapy often causes azoospermia and male infertility due to the suppression of LH.  TRT should therefore be addressed as hormone replacement therapy.  The aim of TRT and hormone replacement therapy should be to maintain function, in addition to restoring male androgen levels using exogenous testosterone.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) has been used by the NHS to treat male infertility for many years.  HCG mimics LH and so The Men’s Health Clinic utilises HCG alongside testosterone in testosterone therapy to help preserve fertility and testicular size.  Dr Stevens reported nineteen pregnancies in his patients so far with the use of concurrent TRT and HCG.  In addition to the fertility aspect, men often report a qualitative improvement in their sense of well-being and libido with the use of HCG alongside their testosterone treatment.

In 2019, The Men’s Health Clinic was delighted to be the first clinic in the UK to be granted a licence by the MHRA for the import of Testosterone Cypionate, their gold standard TRT option.  Dr Stevens is a proponent of daily injections of Testosterone Cypionate to help mimic the diurnal variation of endogenous testosterone that occurs naturally within the body.  He also reports more stable male androgen levels using this methodology.  Dr Stevens is also a proponent of subcutaneous injections, over shallow intramuscular ones, as they are less painful and result in less aromatisation of testosterone to oestrogen.  Less side effects mean happier, more content patients.

Hormonal balance is fundamental to overall health and well-being.  You need a clinician who understands that all hormones are dependent, whether that be direct or indirect.  The ratio of testosterone : oestradiol : dihydrotestosterone, is as important as the absolute numbers.  The purpose of TRT is normalisation of your male androgen levels to within normal physiological parameters.  We aim to reverse the negative symptoms of low testosterone and help you maintain a sustainable improvement in your long-term physical and psychological well-being.


The Men’s Health Clinic
9-10 Longham Business Park
168 Ringwood Road
BH22 9BU
Tel: 01202 091593

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