For far too long, initial public offerings have been Wall Street’s best kept secret, with only the ultra-high net worth investors getting a piece of the action. Charterhouse Private Equity has changed all that. We take a closer look at the London based firm and what they can offer retail investors around the world.

James Carter, Chief Investment Officer at Charterhouse Private Equity said: “Since we started out ten years ago, the foundations of our private client division were built on one singular belief; here at Charterhouse we firmly believe that everybody deserves access to the best information to make money, that the best information should NOT be reserved only for the institutional investors and their ultra-high net worth clients.”

At fifty years of age, Carter still cuts a fine figure of a man despite having worked for twenty-five years amongst the cut and thrust of Wall Street, trading at the highest level. Carter is known for his (some might say) genius, cavalier style, placing multi-million-dollar-trades which the more conservative investors amongst us, would consider to be outlandish to say the least. Yet he continues to consistently outperform the S&P 500, with his ten-year average topping an enviable 38.7% (results published in Q1 2020 by KPMG). The ex-Goldman Sachs non-executive Director and close confidante to Warren Buffet, seems to know something we don’t. Many investors have shadowed his trading strategies relentlessly over the past two decades, copycatting his trades. All of whom are now very wealthy individuals indeed.

Carter continued; “I decided to act as Chief Investment Officer and non-executive Board Director at Charterhouse, as a kind of experiment. Now I have made my fortune several times over, I wanted to share my market knowledge and expertise with the retail investor. After-all, it’s the retail investor who needs the best information to make money, way more than some fat cat oil baron in Texas, who has already amassed a few billion, for example. As a result of my career and years of trading at the highest level, I have made friends in high places and it’s easy for me to get access to the best deals and information through my contacts on Wall Street. Deals that the retail investor just simply cannot find for himself. And if I can turn a young family’s fifty thousand dollar savings, into one million dollars in a year or so, then at my time of life, that gives me a lot more satisfaction than adding another $100 million to some billionaire’s portfolio. That’s how I get my kicks now, in the marketplace.”

And it has to be said Carter is not wrong. Those who have invested with his firm Charterhouse Private Equity, have seen fantastic results over the last decade or so. In fact, it’s recently become a widely known fact that Charterhouse now enjoys a waiting list of clients all vying to get on the firms books. As one would be client put it; “A business colleague of mine put me on to Charterhouse nine months ago and I’ve been trying to get “a seat at their table” ever since. I think I’ve actually got more chance of getting an audience with Her Majesty the Queen than opening a trading account with Charterhouse!” And although this might be a somewhat of an overstatement, one gets the point.

More recently Charterhouse has been reaching out to clients in the Oceanic region. “Australia and New Zealand’s investment fraternities are woefully under catered for when seeking out strong investment opportunities” said Carter. “The big four banks over there have been super greedy over the past twenty years and as a result they were “hauled across the coals” by the Royal Commission in 2017. Big fines were levied upon them and as a result it’s the Australian and New Zealand retail investors, who are now paying the price. We are currently opening our doors to investors from those regions to right the wrongs that have been enacted upon them in the past. Since we launched our marketing campaign over there at the beginning of this year, we now have some very happy clients from those regions.”

So, it seems in that in conclusion, if you want to get your foot in the door with Charterhouse Private Equity right now, where their last recommendation made their clients a fantastic 68% return, you’d better polish up your Aussie accent.

For further information:
t. +44 20 3129 8037

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Wiggly-Worm-May for bored kids (big and small) and stressed-out parents!

Is the Wiggliest-Worm living in your compost bin?

As we head into another month of lock-down with parents home-schooling, home-cooking and home-entertaining – and the weather taking a turn for its seasonal-rainy-norm… Garantia UK are launching a weekly ‘feel-good’ competition during the month of May to get small kids (and big kids) out into the garden and composting their left-overs, to give the Wiggly-Worms out there a real treat!

With most councils now charging for food and garden waste collection, households – with their finances already stretched – will have to resort to dealing with the scraps and off-cuts themselves. What better way to do this than by composting!

Can you and your children find the Wiggliest-Worms and take a short video?

The Royal Horticultural Society says website views on ‘how to compost’ are up nearly 500 percent and there has been a surge in the purchase of composting bins and materials, which is why Garantia is launching a Wiggly-May, Wiggly-Worm competition, giving away weekly prizes for the Wiggliest-videos sent in during each week.

Record your wiggliest worm, upload the video to share it with us on Garantia’s social sites, and be in with a chance to win £100 worth of vouchers every Friday throughout May 2020!

People of the UK are composting more of their garden waste than ever before. It’s great for the environment and great for our Wiggly-Worm friends! Give your children something to focus on in the rain (in between homeschooling lessons of course!). Find those Wiggly-Worms and share them with us.

It’s a great opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of garden worms. Worms play an important role in the recycling of organic waste. They help to turn food and garden waste into the soil that is full of nutrients, which is great for your plants.

Get involved today! Get your phone out, get your raincoat on, get out in your garden, and go find some Wiggly-Worms. Shoot a quick video, upload it to your favorite social media platform, tag @GarantiaUK and be sure to mention #WigglyMay for your chance to win £100 voucher to spend on your garden. Someone will win a voucher every Friday throughout May 2020.

Here is the launch video:

About Garantia UK: Garantia is a manufacturer of garden composters, water-butts, growing tunnels, raised beds, and garden sundries, all made from recycled plastic. Garantia is dedicated to tackling global warming by using recycled plastic in all products where possible. Throughout the lockdown, Garantia UK is providing a 3-5 day, direct to garden delivery service.

Go to: to find guidance on how to compost materials and get the Wiggliest-Worms in your composting stack.

‘Garantia UK is a trading division of Graf UK Ltd’

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Gilad Tisona: “Big Data is the Solution for Israel’s Transportation Problems”

There has been recent public debate in Israel regarding the imposing of congestion pricing fees as a solution to Israel’s traffic congestion problems. This is yet another in a series of proposed solutions for the colossal traffic congestion problem in Israel, which includes fantasies of a subway system, carpooling projects and an array of incentives to the public in the form of fines. According to big data entrepreneur Gilad Tisona, the only realistic solution to the traffic congestion problem is harnessing big data to the transport system.

Israel is a startup nation, a technological superpower in the areas of chip manufacturing, applications, cyber and so on. Israel also has leading automotive sector startups. There is no reason not to harness this inventiveness to solve the transportation problems plaguing Israel and the rest of the world.

According to Gilad Tisona, in the era of autonomous vehicles (which is not as far off as we may think) many of the technologies used in the field will be Israeli: sensors all around the vehicle to prevent accidents, information security to will prevent criminals from remotely gaining control of vehicles, and especially the collection of data from car users in order to create databases able to route the trip efficiently (speed of travel) and ensure road safety.

A Wave of Innovation
One interesting technological innovation, for example, comes from Arbe, which has developed a sonar or radar for vehicles, allowing for advanced mapping of the vehicle’s surroundings. Arbe is a world leader in the development of sonar for vehicles, and is close to launching an HD quality radar which is far more advanced than the competition’s, and which is able to work in the most difficult visibility conditions.

Another interesting startup mentioned by Gilad Tisona is Galooli. Galooli has developed a big data analysis system for cars for use in tracking, predicting and monitoring using big data analysis of 40 million data points every day touching on a variety of aspects: energy consumption, driver behavior pattern recognition, air pollution monitoring, hazard prevention, car status and many more advanced things that will characterize the automobile market in the not too distant future.

Only Big Data Can Solve the Traffic Problem in Israel
According to Gilad Tisona, an especially interesting startup is NoTraffic, which has developed an advanced platform for the regulation of traffic using a combination of big data collected from the communication of sensors in the vehicle and at intersections. The system is able to process all of the data uploaded to the cloud from all of the information points, thereby optimizing traffic light times in order to allow for the fastest possible flow of traffic. The company is already active in several locations in the US and has successfully reduced urban travel times by 40%.

According to Gilad Tisona, Israel cannot be expected to find a physical solution to its transportation problem: the paving of bike paths is only slowly being carried out, and doesn’t make much of a difference anyway. The construction of new interchanges doesn’t contribute to the reduction of traffic in practice. The congestion pricing fee is a “punishment” for drivers who have to sit in traffic jams, because they have no alternative solutions, such as efficient and effective public transportation. Therefore, monitoring information from vehicles and using it to efficiently route traffic may be the solution Israel needs to get out of the traffic jam it’s stuck in.

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How TourGame uses big data analytics for eSports in global market

There’s been an explosive growth in esports popularity over recent years, fuelled by mobile games specifically designed with online tournament such as Dota 2 and League of Legend. Many esports communities started to prosper in a digital ecosystem. In the digital esports world, collecting large amounts of structured data is no mean task – but it is worth the effort.

Like any other sport, winning doesn’t just depend on skill, dedication and luck. Strategy and analysis of past performance often play an essential role in success. Data collection, aggregation, and analytics lead to highly scalable business models, especially in a dynamic digital industry. As a result, big data analytics becomes economically relevant in esports.

TourGame, one of the leading gaming and eSports platform provider, has seized the opportunity to enhance their eSports platform with an AI-supported analytic tool to assess hundreds of data points collected from digitally recorded games. With big data analytics in esports, players and teams are able to leverage their information in ways that were not possible before. The tool provides useful statistics, identify weaknesses of competitor players and teams and predict the likelihood of an opponent’s next move in any given situation. Players, coaches and teams are eagerly investing in this tool for valuable information to give them a competitive edge.

Just as data analytics with traditional sports, big data analytics is vital for esports today and in the future. TourGame strives to continue its mission to shape the future of eSports using big data analytics and data protection technology and infrastructure.

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