Cloud technology is being rapidly implemented to help UK care homes reopen for visits

OXFORD, UK; 23 July 2020 – Oxfordshire-based tech company Jezzam Ltd has been vigilantly working with care home groups in the UK to help them quickly implement an online booking system that will allow relatives to visit as the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease.

It’s no surprise that visitor slots are already being snapped up as relatives longing to see their family members get ready to make contact once more.

As Covid-19 restrictions have begun lifting, care homes have had to consider many factors when opening up for visits including:

  • Managing visitor numbers
  • Allowing time for cleaning between visits
  • Record keeping to help with track and trace
  • Providing innovative ways for residents and relatives to meet e.g. Zoom calls

Jezzam has made great strides in these areas by providing an easy to use online booking system for relatives with detailed electronic records of booking histories and fully customizable booking options to match individual care home needs.

This system has already resulted in time saving for busy receptionists and other staff and the rapid implementation means care homes can be up and running within minutes.

Commenting on the simplicity and efficiency of the booking process, Andrew Winstanley, CEO, The Berkley Care Group said, “As soon as we opened up for online booking, relatives were filling slots to see their loved ones. Before Covid-19, booking wasn’t something we needed but it’s now become an essential part of ensuring the safety of our residents, staff and visitors. Jezzam has provided us with an effortless way to make a big difference to our resident’s lives.”

When a Jezzam team member suggested online booking might help her see her aunt at Cumnor Hill House, one of The Berkley Care Group’s homes, the team set about making this a reality. Working closely with the Berkley Care Group team, Jezzam implemented online booking for all 6 of the group’s care homes in a matter of hours.

“The Jezzam team has been there for us all the way through the process. The flexibility of the software has allowed us to tailor it to our specific needs. The speed at which we got online booking up and running and the support we’ve received has been absolutely first class,” reiterated Winstanley.

Meanwhile traffic to has increased by over 800% compared to the same period last year as the company finds itself servicing entirely new sectors while the crisis continues to transform our working and personal lives. From retail to sports, companies including tennis clubs and bowls clubs, music shops and barbers are now looking to online booking and scheduling to help them resume business as life begins to return to some sense of normality.

About Jezzam Ltd:

Jezzam is a trusted provider of cloud-based booking and scheduling software, enabling their customers to save time and expand their online presence by providing sophisticated, mobile-ready online booking that is beautifully simple to use and fast to set up.

Jezzam supports a diverse customer base ranging from Jet ski experiences, flower arranging classes, taiko drumming workshops, sports clubs, to community hall hire and care homes. Jezzam was selected by the NHS Scotland to manage bookings for employee flu vaccination programs over the past two flu seasons. It is in the top 3 of highest rated appointment scheduling software on Gartner’s Capterra review site.

For further information or PR enquiries please contact
Martin Briggs-Watson, Co-founder, Jezzam Ltd
Oxford, United Kingdom
LinkedIn I Twitter

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New Voice for the forgotten Social Care Sector

UK Health & Social Care provider forms new Social Care Workers Association to fight for equality in the industry. And their badges are free! the Private Sector Health & Social Care Workers Association has launched offering completely free membership to ALL Health & Social Care workers, with a free Certificate of recognition to all members for their selfless hard work, dedication, and commitment to looking after the sick and vulnerable in our society. The founder is also funding free badges for all members as a way to lift spirits and promote the new collective voice of the sector.

With over 5000 Facebook followers and nearly 2500 Members in less than 2 weeks, the Association is growing rapidly. This collective voice has brought together Managers, Owners Cleaners, Nurses, Carers, Cooks and others from the sector to share their stories. They help each other through this Pandemic and raise the profile of the sector to promote changes in how they are perceived.

When asked where the idea came from, founder of the Association Joseph Willis said the following:

“For many years now, I have witnessed the social Care sector falling deeper into the shadows. NHS workers are amazing, but so too are the 1.6M Social Care workers fighting the same battle, with fewer resources, lower pay, and major issues around access to PPE and testing. After personally experiencing Care Staff being refused access to protected shopping times, front of queue services whilst trying to shop for Vulnerable Clients, and watching their NHS counterparts gain those benefits, I had to do something. The badge or logo should not matter”!

We want to see equality in terms of wages, benefits, and public recognition for Workers in Care Homes, Nursing Services, Supported Living Providers, Community Care organisations and other service providers in the Private Sector.

Our aim is to share through our Facebook page the amazing and incredible work being done by our members, for our members to help each other, share best practice, learn from other members experiences and make a collective difference. One collective voice for change.

Care workers can register for free and receive their Certificates of recognition on our website. Organisations can do so also, making a pledge and commitment to supporting our Association workers and providing equal access and recognition. We currently have over 70 organisations that have made this pledge.

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Eco-friendly Oral Care – PR Fire

Brushd. Launches new oral care products, introducing an innovative and eco-friendly way to achieve oral hygiene whilst caring for the planet!

Brushd. My Health. My Planet

With the majority of toothbrushes made from plastic and dental floss coated in it, we are forever adding to the littering of our cities, oceans and waterways and contributing to health problems in humans and animals. This is where Brushd. products come in to save the day!

We have been working with a team of scientists and dentists to formulate a range of products that promote good oral care whilst also reducing our plastic pollution at the same time.

Brushd. Toothpaste Tablets are an alternative to the toothpaste we are all used to. They have been specially formulated to make sure that no compromise is made to your oral health. Just Bite. Chew. Brush. They will leave your teeth feeling clean and minty fresh.

Our Toothpaste Tablets and Mouthwash tablets are also great to travel with without carrying a whole toothpaste tube or jar of liquid mouthwash. We pack out tablets in glass jars – an easy way to help reduce our plastic footprint, with refill pouches also available allowing for the upcycling of the glass jars.

No Paste. No Waste

For more information on Brushd. products visit

Bite. Chew. Brush

Press Contact:
Sam Richards
Telephone: 020 8811 2955


Brushd. Is an eco-friendly dental care brand offering a complete range of products that decreases our plastic pollution without compromising on your oral health.

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APRIL International Care joins the Telehealth revolution

APRIL International Care joins the Telehealth revolution

APRIL International Care, the specialist providers of international health insurance solutions for individuals and companies, has announced the launch of a new TeleHEALTH service via their popular app. Through a partnership with Teladoc Health, policyholders can now request a phone consultation with a qualified medical practitioner via the APRIL Easy Claim app, whether it is for a simple consultation or to request a second medical opinion.

The new teleconsultation service means policyholders do not have to leave their home or workplace to “see” a doctor, with the consultation happening directly over the phone.

APRIL International Care is rolling out the service first to all new and renewing members in Singapore and Hong Kong, then in stages across Asia. It means busy policyholders will no longer have to queue in crowded clinics, but instead can opt for the comfort of a consultation from their home, work or while traveling outside of their country of residence.

Announcing the launch, Regional CEO of Asia, Romain Di Meglio said, “Our entry into the fast moving Telehealth arena gives all our private healthcare policyholders access to this innovative new service, irrespective of the level of cover or insurance policy module they hold. The new service can only be accessed via our App, and once downloaded, customers will be able to seek general medical advice, or a second medical opinion, in 12 different languages. This latest launch is another tangible example of our stated aim to adapt to the evolution of healthcare and go beyond the pure administrative provision of insurance. In health insurance, the important word is “health”. “

The Easy Claim app, launched in 2017 in Asia, is unique on the market as it gathers all insurance services in only one app, while most competitors require policyholders to install several apps. Indeed, members can also submit their medical claims, send pre-approval requests for medical treatment, access their insurance eCard but also search and locate medical practitioners, all from the same app.

Accessing and using the service has been made very simple. App users select the physician “call back” option, then add key details such as preferred language, time zone and either their symptoms or their medical question, which could be regarding something as straightforward as understanding how to take a medicine correctly. The user submits the request and shortly afterwards the physician calls the patient. The system is designed to ease the burden of everyday medical questions and illnesses, but is not designed to be used as a substitute for reporting medical emergencies. In addition, members can also request a second medical opinion from a licensed physician for more complex medical cases such as cancer, injuries requiring surgery, etc.

Romain DiMeglio ends, “We believe this new service has the potential to radically improve some of our policyholders’ lives. You can now have fast, simple and fully digital access to a qualified physician, something that can bring real peace of mind and reduce stress.”

APRIL International Care are specialists in designing and delivering flexible international health insurance solutions for individuals, families and companies.

April International Care HK is part of the April Group which was founded in France more than 30 years ago. It is an internationally known and respected insurance services group with operations in 31 different countries, looking after close to 6 million policyholders worldwide, consisting of some 86 different nationalities located in more than 120 countries.

April International Care HK are specialists in designing and delivering outstanding, flexible long-term international health insurance solutions for individuals and companies.

All APRIL International Care plans in Hong Kong come with complementary additional emergency assistance services provided by APRIL Assistance including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, 24/7 telephone support, tele-medicine advice and dispatch of medicine or medical equipment to you when not locally available.

Both individual and group plans can also be offered to local nationals, with discounted community rates starting from 2 people. Full medical history disregarded is available to groups of 10 or more insured individuals (including spouses), making APRIL International one of the most competitive group providers in Asia.

APRIL Hong Kong Limited is an Insurance Agency registered with The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. Registered Office: 9/F Chinachem Hollywood Centre
1-13 Hollywood Road
Central Hong Kong.
Registration Number: 01905417.

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