Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Leeds Eco-Company Launch New Christmas Range

Leeds Eco-Company Launch New Christmas Range

Plastic Free Shampoo and Self Care Gift Sets Lead November Sales

Ecovibe have launched their new online Christmas range in a bid to inspire others to enjoy a plastic-free festive period.

From Christmas puddings to colourful toys and tree decorations, each item is hand-picked for its sustainability, plastic free packaging, or low carbon footprint.

“We only sell products we’d buy ourselves”, says Becky Pinder, Marketing Manager at Ecovibe.

The company launched their online store in 2018, with a small range of items for sale. Since then, the response and great feedback from customers has led to Ecovibe’s own product range, with hundreds of different items now available.

The company’s launch is attracting global interest, with their latest Christmas offering securing features in the likes of HELLO!, People, The Independent and Country Living UK.

Ecovibe’s Marketing Manager Becky Pinder also stated, “We want to transform the way people consume this Christmas.”

“There is typically a huge increase in household waste at Christmas. For instance, each year in the UK alone, over 500 tonnes of Christmas lights are thrown away. We’re excited to be leading the way for a stunning range of sustainable Christmas decorations and ethical gifts the whole family can enjoy”.

“Self-care and pampering gift sets have been particularly popular this year, such as our plastic free shampoo, body butter and makeup range”.

“There’s a fantastic range of alternative swaps that every household can make during the festive period. From everyday household items to gifts and self-care packages, we hope that people will up and down the UK will be able to discover these alternatives for themselves – under the tree!”

Since 2018, the company have prevented over 5 tonnes of plastic entering the environment.

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Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas MadPax has it covered with its new Skins, HEX & Metallic designs Award Winning Design Backpack

Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas
MadPax has it covered with its new Skins, HEX & Metallic designs
Award Winning Design Backpack

Backpack brand MadPax, launches its new collections for Christmas 2019. MadPax has it covered from the Fornite gamer who wants a real-life skin with our ‘New Skins’ collection to the new HEX design – Do you have the HEX factor!

Launching this year’ the New Skins, HEX, Metallic Gloss and Metallic Extreme which range from £32 – £80 and come in three sizes, Full Pack, Half Pack and our Pint size bag.

These backpacks already come in 16 designs, 3 different sizes and in a rainbow of colours. Practicality is however what drives the designs as each have a roomy main compartment, two side zip pockets, padded laptop sleeve and interior zip pocket. There is good load distribution to protect your backs, and their water resistant.

The driving differentiator of these award-winning backpacks is the amazing and stunning designs that uniquely incorporate stand out features. The Spiketus Rex range is made of a leather like fabric poly urethane. Other styles come in a polyester and spandex fabric. All materials deliver durable and vibrant colours that are easily cleaned. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon. They start from £30.00.

Tina Huber, Co-Founder of MadPax says: “We created MadPax on the one key principle to create 3D inspired, progressively modern, backpacks for all ages.”

MadPax allows you to express your inner creature, while toting a functional, funky and fun pack.

A celebrity favourite from Ireland Baldwin, Willow Smith, Kate Husdon’s kids and Ben Affleck, even Spiderman creator himself Stan Lee owned a Spiketus Rex.

MadPax was founded in Phoenix in 2011 and all of the exclusive range is made there. They are available from authorised retailers across the UK and Europe and from

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Time to ban the bath bomb?

Shoppers are being urged to buy with care this December after a survey by revealed that more than a third of Brits (37 per cent) will bin a present given over the festive season – with many of those being beauty gift sets.

The survey of 1,000 adults in the UK also found that 43 per cent of people will try and regift something they get this Christmas. Meanwhile 38 per cent of people expect to resell a gift they get and 29 per cent think they’ll have to return something they do not want.

When asked what kind of gift they had previously returned, resold, regifted or binned . Meanwhile men were more likely to have disposed of booze they did not want (36 per cent).

Despite this, 61 per cent of people say they buy beauty gift sets at Christmas. A third (34 per cent) of people said they buy them for convenience while another third (32 per cent) say it is because there are usually good deals on the products.

The most likely person to give an unwanted gift was a work colleague, named by 31 per cent, while least likely was kids, mentioned by just three per cent.

When asked how getting rid of gifts made people feel, a third (34 per cent) feel guilty, one in five (21 per cent) feel wasteful, while eight per cent are annoyed at getting a gift they didn’t want.

However, when asked about the features of their favourite present, the most popular answer was simply a present that ‘shows the person has thought about me’ (42 per cent). Cost barely registered with only six per cent hoping for an expensive gift.

To avoid the waste, and the post-Christmas stress of returning or selling unwanted goods, bosses of are urging people to shop with thought when buying gifts.

Dan Brown, owner of, said: “We fully expected people to say they returned or regifted Christmas gifts, but it was a shock to discover that so many are already expecting to bin what they get.

“Beauty gift sets were one of the main presents mentioned as being disposed of but they’re fine if you know the person uses the products. The evidence shows that it truly is the thought that counts and putting in the extra effort to make sure we’re buying the right thing will stop the waste.

“It’s easy to be seduced by high street three for twos, but it’s quite simple – if you are not sure, don’t buy. Ask the person what they would like, or just donate to charity instead. After all there is much more to Christmas than presents.”

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