Life Lessons from a Circus Mum

Aerial artist Nina Bambrey is creating a new concept in the way we prepare for the arrival of a brand-new human. In her book “Spirited: a creative workbook to prepare you for the adventure of parenting” she draws on what she has learned as a circus acrobat and single mother to offer guidance which fits the lifestyle and expectations of an upcoming generation of millennial parents-to-be. “Spirited” is designed as a workbook offering emotional guidance and practical advice for new mums and dads.

“Becoming a parent for the first involves a shift in identity and the development of new skills and capacities. This can be a shock to those who think that their lives will carry on largely as before. I am excited about helping people find the emotional resilience and support they need to thrive in their new role. This is even more relevant during the current global crisis.” Nina Bambrey

We now know that we no longer have to sacrifice our needs in order to be good parents, in fact evidence suggests the contrary.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

The Centre for Parenting Education states that there is a direct correlation between high stress and unmet needs. Needs become more acute in times of stress and needs that are insufficiently met may cause stress.

Nina explains, “We are more likely to be able to access our ability to be patient, loving parents when our needs are taken care of. Children also learn a great deal through imitation therefore demonstrating to them that everyone’s needs count helps them to develop an outlook which will serve them well for life.”

Tips from the Big Top

Many new parents have concerns about how having a baby will affect their career. The book looks at strategies for adapting your career to fit in with family life without compromising on precious moments spent with your little one.

Nina’s experience as a home educator gives her a valuable perspective on how to live well with your child at home. The rigors of training as a circus acrobat have given her the emotional and physical strength necessary to parent solo. Life as an artist has given her a good deal of resourcefulness.

Changing Love

Nina also delves into the subject of relationships: Finding ways to strengthen your relationship with your partner as your child grows. This can be a challenge for many people, and it is helpful to learn what happy couples do differently such making time for each other and focusing on the positive in them.

Ultimately having a strong relationship with one’s self is the key to success in any kind of relationship whether it is parenting, friendship or romance. The book offers tools to help readers to understand themselves better and arrive at a place of self-love.

Nina Bambrey has an MA in Philosophy, is a qualified teacher and is about to embark on PhD. She is currently offering weekly free nurture sessions online to provide extra support during the global pandemic. Parents-to-be will have the opportunity to relax and talk about their hopes and fears for the future. The sessions will also provide them with information about how to care well for their baby, backed up by the latest neuroscientific discoveries. Visit

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New Music Hit: Boombamontana – Circus

Boombamontana is a producer masked duo from Greece. Their debut single “Bunda”, which marked Kiwibash’s debut release, in collaboration with Panik Records, has amassed 4M views on YouTune and 400K streams across all streaming platforms, peaked at #3 on the Greek trending YouTube charts and reached #2 of the Greek Shazam charts.

In regards to the promotion of their upcoming single “Circus”, we have already confirmed its place as the Festival Anthem of the 2020 Colour Day Festival in Athens. Colour Day marks one of the largest Greek festivals, featuring performances by some of the biggest stars of the country and nearby regions, as well as about 40k attendees.
The 3D animated was directed by the world-famous director John Katehis, nominated for Grammt Awards, in collaboration with Orfeas Antoulinakis, produced by Crystal View.

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