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Dylan Sigley

Drop Servicing – How To Go From $0 to $10,000 in 1 Day by Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley

It’s common to think that it takes a lot of work to close a sale.

Surely, it must take months of meetings and discussion before a company would be willing to part with a large sum of funds in exchange for your service.

Most people have spent too much time learning about business in Universities, TV and Movies.

In the real world, drop servicing deals can be done pretty quickly when a few things are put in place in the right order.

Even then it’s pretty easy and fast to close large drop servicing sales.

As long as you have an irresistible offer that makes a company extremely willing to part with a budget in order to solve the problem that your drop service solves.

In the beginning, it definitely seemed crazy to me that a company would even pay me $1000 to deliver a service over the internet.

But once I figured out these simple steps, I was able to close deals left and right.

The following are the steps you need to follow to close big sales in 1 week or even 1 day as I’m going to show you in the example. 


If someone doesn’t trust you there’s no way they’re going to do business with you that’s common sense, right?

It’s so common practice to try and close drop servicing deals before the right amount of trust has been built with a prospect.

Everyone has a certain level of certainty they need to feel before they’re willing to part with their cash, so you need to create this certainty in you, your company, and your service during the sales process.

There are a few major ways to do this:

  1. Past Work
  2. Testimonials
  3. Results

Make sure you lather a large helping of these throughout your drop servicing sales process.


Dylan SigleyNext, the prospect needs to actually feel they need to get this right now.

The thing is, we’re all busy and all have a to-do list in our mind ordered by urgency and importance.

We will usually only focus on things that are both urgent and important.

So, make sure you add some urgency within your drop servicing offer.

This works much better if it’s real urgency, of course, but this isn’t always the case:

  1. Limit the number of spots and tell them they’re running out (This is technically scarcity but works in the same way mentally)
  2. Give them a time and date that the offer goes off the table and stick to that, let them know the price is going to increase by X by Y date because of increased demand.


Dylan SigleyThe thing is that urgency must be paired with importance. Otherwise, there’s not going to be much effect. Who cares if the offer goes away if it’s not important?!

So, how do we make the offer important? Well, ideally it’s already important to them, but we can tackle this based on their level of awareness:

  1. Unaware
  2. Problem Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. Product Aware
  5. Aware.

Ideally, the prospective client is as high up in awareness as possible.

If not, we need to educate them depending on the level about the problem, solution, and the product (your service particularly.

Price is elastic

Dylan SigleyOnce someone has awareness and the right combination of urgency & importance, the price point doesn’t matter as much in most cases.

“But Dylan Sigley, what if the price is too high and the prospect doesn’t want to buy or what if it’s too low and they don’t 

I’ve sold drop servicing products for $1000 and $3000 during price testing phases and haven’t seen a major impact on conversion rates.

If the problem is urgent and important enough, they’re going to pay whatever price they can afford to get it solved.

On top of that because of our tendency to minimize time and energy, it’s unlikely that the prospect will bother to research other options very intensively unless it’s some kind of company policy.

Now, I’m not saying you should charge too much for your drop service, just because you can. I always recommend having morals and setting the price based on actual market value through drop servicing price research.

Find those with the budget and reach out

Dylan SigleyThere are a ton of directories you can use online to research companies such as Crunchbase and the social networks, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the best place to find millions of companies to make drop servicing deals.

It all comes down to: 

  1. Finding a company
  2. Creating a custom offer specifically designed for that company
  3. And reaching out using various methods such as Social Outreach, Calling, emailing and so on
  4. You can use the capital generated from these initial sales to scale up from there.

That’s exactly what we did here.

We found the company on LinkedIn (if you want to see how to set up your LinkedIn page for high conversions check out the Dylan Sigley LinkedIn profile base your profile structure on).

Searched for the decision-maker.

Got their email address.

And sent them an offer specific to the needs of the company.

They got on a sales call with our drop servicing sales team.

And bam! A $10,000 sale!

All whilst I was sipping mai tais on a beach in Bali, in my imagination, of course, since I’m actually in Poland and it’s the end of summer right now…

If you want to learn more about me (for some weird reason) and how I was able to go from $60,000 in debt to having multiple successful drop servicing businesses driving 6-figures you can learn more about me from this pretty revealing Dylan Sigley interview.

Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley started out in $60,000 of debt, underemployed after graduating university, 5 years later he’s made over a million dollars across his online businesses and now teaches others how to do the same through his Drop Servicing Blueprint course.

Dylan Sigley takes us through 8 Tips for Hiring Freelancers on Upwork

man sitting on sofa while using laptop

“Hi Dylan Sigley, I have been running my own drop servicing business for a while now and am starting to sign up lots of clients. I was wondering if you could share some tips for how to hire freelancers on Upwork?”

Thanks for the question. Yes, I can give you some good advice since I have hired literally hundreds of different freelancers over the years and now teach others how to as part of the Dylan Sigley ‘Drop Servicing Blueprint’ course that I teach.

Here are 8 tips that will help find great freelancers on Upwork, so that you can scale your business and deliver an exceptional service to your clients.

1. Find Freelancers with A High Job Success Score

My first tip is to go for freelancers that have a high job success score. Every Upwork freelancer eventually gets a job success score, otherwise known as JSS for short.

If you view a freelancers profile, for example “Dylan Sigley Web Development”. It will show you their JSS score. The score is out of 100%. Freelancers that maintain over 90% JSS for 16 weeks in a row are given ‘top-rated’ status, which means these freelancers have provided their customers with great work, consistently.

When you’re hiring freelancers, ideally you want to go for talent with a ‘top-rated’ status, because you want the best you can afford. But when you’re starting, a 95% or even a 90% JSS, will likely get you the job done to a pretty decent quality.

Hiring these top freelancers almost guarantees you’re going to be dealing with a professional that firstly knows what they’re doing, and secondly, communicates quickly, effectively, and has a history of delivering great service to other clients.

2. Hire Freelancers Who Communicate Quickly and Clearly

Drop servicing is all about fulfilling your clients’ needs by providing a high-quality service that is delivered promptly. You need a freelancer who’s going to reply quickly, communicate clearly, and just make life easier for you, so you can deliver excellent service to your paying clients. What you don’t want is a freelancer who has inconsistent communication. Can you imagine trying to follow up with a freelancer about a project they’re working on, only to hear back a day later, or finish the product delivery late and just make excuses? That’s just not going to cut it in your drop servicing business.

Hiring contractors and freelancers off Upwork is a great start. You’ll want to start there, but over time you’re going to want to lead a team that works exclusively for you, potentially as an employee. If they’re going to join your team in the future full-time, they’re going to have to be able to communicate clearly and be reliable.

3. Check Their Prices

My third tip is to hire an affordable freelancer. To make money with your drop servicing business you need to be able to charge your clients more than you have to pay your freelancers. This can be tough because often the best freelancers charge the most. To overcome this problem, you can look to hire freelancers in countries like the Philippines who can deliver high-quality work and at the same time do it at an affordable price.

Upwork has a search filter that lets you search for freelancers that charge a specific amount per hour. You can also hire freelancers on a fixed price basis, which also works great, it just depends on the type of work. You just have to work out your budget and then use the search filters to find freelancers who fit within your budget.

You want to take your time and find the best picks for your business that you can afford. If you find that over time a freelancer is providing a lower quality than you need, or isn’t receptive to feedback, then you can quickly replace them. This is better than hiring quickly and then giving them tons of second chances when they’re just in it for a paycheck rather than helping you grow and scale your business.

4. Write Detailed Job Postings

If you post detailed job listings you will get better responses from freelancers as they will know exactly what you are after. One tip I give people is to include a few hidden questions in your job postings. This will let you know which freelancers are reading the whole posting and are paying attention to it. One way you can try this on Upwork is to write something like “when you apply for this job at Dylan Sigley Services please include the words ‘blue dog’ at the top of your proposal”. It’s a really simple, quick, and effective way to check your job details that have been read by freelancers who apply for your job.

5. Hire Freelancers Who Are Open to Feedback

If you want to be a boss, you are going to have to start thinking like a boss. As a good boss, you’re going to have to give feedback to your team on what’s working well, and what’s not. At the end of the day, you’re the one hiring and paying them. You’ve got to be respectful, but if a freelancer isn’t doing something correctly, and they’re not open to changing their ways, then it’s best to move on and hire a freelancer who is open and receptive to feedback. You should also be open to feedback yourself. In some cases, a freelancer you’re hiring for a very specific service may well know more about the service than you do, so be open to their feedback and recommendations. Think of it as using their skills and knowledge as a learning opportunity to help improve your business.

6. Find Freelancers Who Have a Track Record

The next tip is to find freelancers who have a track record on Upwork and have earned money on the platform. The more money they have earned, the more it shows you that they are trustworthy, communicate well, and deliver their services to a high standard. For example, if I was looking for a freelancer for a role at ‘Dylan Sigley Services’ I will hire the freelancer that has earned $10,000 on UpWork over a freelancer who has only earned $1000 on the platform.

7. Make Sure They Have the Right Skills

My next tip is to make sure that you find a freelancer that has the right skills. If you’re hiring an ad specialist to make you YouTube ads, then you want to ensure you’re hiring an expert for this specific job, not say a generic ‘advertising expert’. For example, while there may be a freelancer that has a lot of experience with Facebook Ads or LinkedIn ads, you’ll want to find the ideal match for your service and make sure they have YouTube ad expertise. To find the right person, look at how long they have been doing it for and if they can communicate their skills clearly (they should if they know what they are talking about). You can also check their portfolio and testimonials from past clients to see how well they have performed in the past and if their past clients are satisfied with their work.

8. Try Before You Buy

My final tip is to give freelancers a test. A top success score, testimonials, previous work, and communication style can give you a lot of good hints about what they’d be like as part of your team, but nothing beats a paid test to see how they fit into your business. Everyone works differently, and you’ll never know for sure how it’ll work out until you put someone through your system. So give them a test so that you can check for yourself that they know what they are talking about. For example, if you are looking for a copywriter you could ask them to write a 500 word article explaining what the Dylan Sigley Drop Servicing Blueprint course is all about.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot that goes into hiring great freelancers for your business, and Upwork is a fantastic place to start when you’re trying to build and grow your first drop servicing business. If you can find freelancers who have a high job success score, communicate well, are affordable, open to feedback, have the right skills, have a good track record, and can pass a test then you have found your ideal freelancer.

You’ll be delivering projects to happy clients and earning good money in no time.

Dylan also discusses the best approaches for entrepenuers to achive a work life balance.