New Pink Lady Gin

2020 has been a strange year for all of us in the drinks industry. With the country being put in and out of a series of lockdowns, businesses are having to adapt to and overcome these restrictions. During these unprecedented times – Stirling Distillery, in the heart of Scotland have been busy with a project that has been in the works for just under a year now. This November, they announced the launch of their very own pink gin, which we they’re calling ‘The Pink Lady’. With Pink gin being the drink of the moment in the ever-evolving Gin industry, Stirling Gin are the latest Distillery to get on board with this, putting their own unique twist on it. Inspired by the owner’s daughter Elle McCann and with artwork from Estelle Redding, this wonderful addition now takes the distilleries Folklore collection up to six strong.

Stirling Distillery’s folklore collecting brings with it more than just different types of Gin. With each bottle, there is a unique story to go along with it. Each of these stories are based on Scottish Folklore tales, making the Stirling gin experience somewhat personal to the Scottish heritage of where the distillery is located. In-keeping with the Folklore collection tradition, the Pink Lady gin comes with a story of its own. A noble and beautiful woman who was betrothed to a brave Scots knight who defended Stirling castle against the English siege of 1304. That night, her true love died during the battle. She died shortly after, heartbroken at the thought of never seeing her true love again. Her lonely spirit is said to be wandering the Castle and the Kirk Tower in the dead of night in her elegant and distinct pink robes.

The Pink Lady is Distilled using the main still at the distillery which is named ‘Flora’ after Co-owner June’s mother. The Pink Lady is a refreshing and crisp gin with 12 delicious botanicals including rose petals, pink peppercorn and pink grapefruit. It is fragranced with juniper and spices as well as floral and pepper to leave your taste buds craving more. To maximise its delight, it is recommended that it be served over ice, with a slice of pink grapefruit and a Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic, and if you fancy spicing things up a little, add a slice of fresh chilli to make this drinking experience even more unique.

This is an exciting new launch for the team at Stirling Distillery, who are showing that even though there may be a global pandemic – life and business must go on. While the distillery may be closed for in-person gin tours & tastings, they are still staying busy with their popular virtual gin tastings done over Zoom – this coupled with new additions to their expanding repertoire such as the release of their ‘Sons of Scotland’ Whisky collection later this month – shows that this craft distillery is not going to let Covid get in their way of progress.

The Pink Lady will be available from the distillery shop, the website.

For more information please contact:
Cameron McCann
Tel: 01786596496

Booze Up Alcohol Delivery Service Partners with Sipsmith Gin

London UK, Wednesday 27th April 2020 – London’s favourite on-demand delivery service has announced a new partnership with the capital’s leading craft gin brand ‘Sipsmith’. Working together to bring Sipsmith to homes across London, the new partnership will now see Booze Up adding a number of award-winning Sipsmith Gins to the wide range of high-quality spirits available for delivery, in under 30 minutes.

‘Sipsmith Gin is now available within just 30 minutes all across the Capital’

Credited with pioneering the gin boom with its original London Dry Gin, Sipsmith is committed to continually harnessing the passion and talent of its distillers, allowing them to defy the boundaries of what is possible and create delicious high quality, handcrafted gin – in the most unique, innovative and delicious flavours.

The full range of delicately balanced craft gins will be available to order as from Booze Up from Friday 29th May 2020

In addition to the inclusion in Booze Up’s offering, the new partnership is due to coincide with the launch of Sipsmith’s latest limited-edition craft gin creation – Chilli and Lime Gin. Hand crafted using the best quality ingredients, it has been blended and refined to create the perfect zingy spirit with a little added heat, guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds of its sippers. Full of flavour and ready to drink served simply with tonic water, ice and a lime wedge – the Chilli & Lime Gin is also perfect for creating delicious cocktails, including Margaritas and Mojitos, with just a few additional ingredients.

Booze Up founder Ashleigh Fletcher commented: “Sipsmith is a prestigious name in the world of craft gin – ever better, they’re based here in London. We’re thrilled to be working together to complement our alcohol delivery service and boost our range with some of the finest gins available.”

Ashleigh continued: “We currently offer a wide range of big brand spirits and drinks, as well as a number of snacks and other useful essentials, delivered right across London. We deliver to our customers within 30 minutes. However, many of our alcohol deliveries arrive much quicker than this! Our fastest recorded delivery is just 40 seconds from the moment of order, to the point the customer received their ordered products. Our delivery execution is extremely stream-lined, and we are constantly striving to further reduce our delivery times and improve our customer experience. I expect the new Sipsmith partnership will extend our appeal to wider audiences and provide a fantastic platform for the new Sipsmith Chilli and Lime Gin to reach consumers during such unprecedented times.”

To place an order for an alcohol delivery, please visit the official website at for further details.

About Booze-Up:

Fast, easy and affordable, Booze Up aim to deliver alcohol within 15-35 minutes of an order being placed. Stocking well over 170 products that includes an extensive selection of beers and spirits, same-day wine and champagne delivery, along with an extensive selection of snacks and food – all available for fast delivery across London, Surrey, Kent & Middlesex.

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Gin gardens, not beer gardens!

You know there’s a gin renaissance when a summer beer gardens throughout the UK are filled not with pints but G&Ts. Gin is now enjoyed by people of all ages and genders – no one in the industry saw it coming and its rise is seemingly unstoppable.

The proliferation of new brands has been astonishing – and every few days there is word of a new brand launching. The pace was thought not to be sustainable, but consumers are showing no signs of fatigue and the trade continues to represent the new launches and delight in the flavour innovation. The category is bold and organically differentiates, those that don’t are quickly left behind.

Wholesalers are taking full advantage of the demand and their selections have increased four fold in the last 2 years. They are also quite savvy and being industry gate keepers they naturally try to sound out new comers. Some are equally struggling to keep up, space is a premium and they have never experienced a category with such rich supply.

Equally wholesalers have never seen such a boom in the online presence and this is where new distillers are selling direct to thirsty consumers and bypass the volume wholesale channel, to make the fast emerging craft distilling business one that is viable and sustainable without queuing up to join forces with the big boys.

There is no sign of “ peak gin “ yet and the number of gins that bars will carry on their back bar continues to grow, while the consumers find the appeal of gin is just irresistible and that’s what is making gin mainstream.Consumers are only just starting to learn about the innovative variants as they happen upon them on shelves of specialist shops or online and they are snapping them up fast.

The on-trade makes almost no attempt to develop brand recognition and so gin drinkers in pubs are still largely indifferent to what they drink, ordering what the bartender recommends or, as is normal, just ask for a G&T. These pubs are now offering a house gin and a few premium up sells, but they are missing out on the huge potential for up selling premium gins to every customer and this is where significant growth potential.

Gin drinkers are seeking out and learning about new brands themselves online. New gins are sold on botanical or regional heritage, the burgeoning number of Welsh Gin distillers now totals over 25, creating exciting distillations with regional botanicals and great origin stories that excite the customers, like the Snowdonia Spirits Company that offers 3 quite different premium gins celebrating Welsh tradition. The Welsh tea Loaf Bara Brith is now created as very sophisticated Bara Brith gin with flavours of fried fruit, spices and tea and in honour of the Welsh Love Spoon, a pink gin made with wild fruit and berries.

With so many brands, different flavour profiles and serves the customer is just relishing the choice and the gin premiumization, something that has been missing from the category for decades.Thanks to the internet the world of gin now has a global audience and ‘ Brand Gin “ is very much ‘ Brand Britain ‘, a true drinks industry success story that so far has a happy ending ! Cheers!

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Bara Brith Gin – Snowdonia Spirit Company makes first ever gin celebrating the Welsh favourite tea loaf, Bara Brith.

Now for the first time there is a very special new addition, Bara Brith Gin. A beautiful expression of the unique recipe of the Welsh tea loaf and a recipe that lends it’s self very much to a spirit version.

Dried and candied fruits, aromas of sweet orange and spice and subtle background flavours of tea all contribute to this new Welsh gin, distilled in the heart of Wales.

Bara Brith has had a special place in the hearts of generations of Welsh bakers, whether it be on special occasions or for that delicious, just baked aroma and taste, this traditional Welsh tea loaf is very much a national Welsh icon.

Bara Brith, translated as speckled bread, has a rich recipe of dried fruits, spices and tea and bakers would often vary slightly the ingredient mix and it is said that there are 1000 different recipes, but only one Bara Brith.

Bara Brith Gin is indeed very much on trend, with the flavoured gin market experiencing a huge increase in demand, especially in the last 12 months, with reports of gin sales topping 73 million bottles to year end June 2019 in the UK, up nearly 10 million bottles on the previous year and the flavoured gins sector growing the fastest.

With five consecutive years of double digit growth gin is still the fastest growing category in total alcohol and the drinkers interest in new gin flavours shows no sign of slowing down with both retailers and bars significantly increasing their gin offering.

New flavours bring new cocktails and new drinkers too, all throughly enjoying the great new tastes that were just not on offer 5 years ago.

The Snowdonia Spirit Company, makers of Love Spoon Wild Fruit Gin and their signature Welsh Gin, say that flavour innovation is the key to the success of their full strength gin selection, Welsh gins celebrating tradition with great taste and Bara Brith Gin certainly delivers.

The label is quite special too. Renown environmental landscape artist Alan Rankle has created a special painting for the reverse of the Bara Brith Gin label. Alan’s interpretation of the Welsh landscape is evocative and wild and is part of a series of paintings commissioned by the Snowdonia Spirit Co to adorn their gin labels.

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Pink Gin.. the mega trend in spirit sales

It’s got to be pink.. yes pink gin is contributing hugely to the boost in gin sales. Nearly 9 million people consumed gin outside of their homes in the year to 18 May 2019 – up by some 2.3m year-on-year.

Flavoured and especially pink gin are leading the growth in sales. With approximately 5.1m consumers now claiming to drink pink gin, sales in the flavoured category grew close to £395m in the year ending May 2019.

More than half of them being relatively new to drinking pink gin suggests that consumers are being tempted away from other spirits to try pink gin and new cocktail variations.

It is estimated that 70% of gin sales growth comes from pink gin and only time will tell if pink gin is a fruity novelty or here to stay. Whatever happens, there is no end in sight to the demand and its women that account for seven out of 10 of all pink gin drinkers.

This summer more than 61,000 licensed venues will be stocking pink gin – a number that has more than tripled in the last 12 months and still growing and in the UK pink gin accounts for approx 28% of all gin sales, with the proportion rising to nearly 41% in the North West of England and North Wales.

Pink is just booming.

Pink gin has been an extraordinary success story for both the on-trade and off-trade. Pink gin is tempting a lot of drinkers away from vodka and wine. The fruity appeal hits the spot for new gin spirit drinkers and is supporting regional distillation startups, from Scottish Highland micro-distilleries to Welsh gin producers from the valleys there is a new taste sensation in every region.

Bars and pubs are now trying to innovate and keep their range fresh and tempt drinkers with as wide a selection as possible.

Sales of mainstream gin brands grew by 80% in the last year and premium gins rose by nearly 25%, while super-premium brands leapt by close to 47%.

The average pub will now stock minimum 8 gin brands, more than twice the average of two years ago and of the 300 new gin brands that entered the on-trade market in the last 5 years nearly one in six is a flavoured gin.

Drinks industry specialists report that there is no end in sight to the remarkable revival of gin sales and just as the industry did not see this boom coming, they find it equally hard to predict where it is going.

Pink gin is certainly on trend and customers are becoming more adventurous and experimental. Cocktails laden with fruity garnishes look very tempting and taste great too, its hardly a surprise that pink gin is very much in and here to stay.

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Pretty in Pink – 2019 Gin trends

With a huge variety of flavours on offer to tempt shoppers, nothing is off limits within the spirit category and especially gin.

It is estimated that in 2018 British consumers spent a whopping £450m more on alcohol than they did the previous year with spirits taking the lions share of the new spend.

2018 spirit sales in the UK are valued at £11 billion – growing more than 7% on the previous year and it is spirits and especially gin that is in demand.

Drinkers interest in new products to buy continues to gain pace and consumers are very willing to try new flavours and are being quite adventurous. When entering a supermarket, bar or restaurant today’s consumers are looking to be inspired, rather than to be presented with a predetermined choice.

Craft spirits are in demand from consumers who look for interesting gin recipes and back stories. Flavour innovation in the premium gin category is winning over the consumer with many making repeat purchases of quality, premium spirits.

Flavoured spirits are now the go to choice and have really expanded in recent years. Consumers are looking for more variety as well as authentic and unique flavours.  Flavoured gin is making a big impact on sales and will continue to grow and show strong performance, still outperforming vodka. Whisky sales equally saw a positive growth in 2018, however, most of the sales increase in spirits is being fuelled by gin.

With five consecutive years of double digit growth gin is still the fastest growing category in total alcohol in the UK.

Retailers are also reporting strong sales in tourist districts, where spirits that represent a local story are selling through very strongly and gin leads in this category too. Although traditionally Scotland leads in alcohol spirit production you only have to take a look at the new burgeoning Welsh Gin market and its success in tourist retail outlets.

For 2019 the big story is flavoured gins and the pink gin is way out ahead. Consumers are demanding summer fruit flavours and tempting fruity  tastes with raspberry and wild berry flavours leading.

With the UK consumers purchasing over two thirds of the total EU gin production it is clear that flavour innovation is the focus and there are no signs of the British consumers thirsts for gin being quenched anytime soon.

Over 70 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK to year end 2018

Over 70 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK to year end 2018, up some 10 million bottles on the year before! The Gin category grew by 42% last year after five consecutive years of double-digit growth and is the fastest growing category in the alcohol sector in the UK.

Demand and sell through shows no sign of slowing with several new gins appearing weekly in the UK and there is a definite trend towards new flavour innovation, wether that be a specific ingredient or taste layer, it can be fruity, woody, herbal or spicey or combinations of all.

This is the first time that gin drinkers have been able to experience really interesting new tastes in the gin category, a category that producers claim offers far more interesting and sophisticated flavours which in turn lend themselves to a host of new cocktails and venues in which to drink the cocktails too.

For several decades we have seen a steep decline in public houses with several shutting daily at one point. Today new gin venues are appearing weekly with a focus on offering a wide variety of new gins and new mixers and equally exotic garnishes, everything from saffron to samphire, it really is a taste revolution.

There is something new created in every region too, each gin offering a unique interpretation of something local, traditional or an ingredient or taste.

We spoke to Welsh gin producer Snowdonia Spirit Co who believe that the humble gin and tonic cocktail, as a simple mix of a juniper based spirit and a citrus based mixer, is a refreshing and equally great tasting alcoholic beverage…  “ What is exciting for the gin drinker today is the vast choice of taste variations offered and they are loving it, it really wasn’t on offer five years ago “

The UK spirits industry really hasn’t experienced such a boom before and while gin certainly having its moment, there is measurable interest in other spirits too with sales of whisky and rum growing positively too.






Snowdonia Gin’s  flavour innovation

Snowdonia gin is a new, modern gin that delivers delicate plum and citrus notes, layered over juniper, oak and soft spice.

This recipe innovation brings flavours local to Snowdonia to produce a beautifully smooth and modern tasting gin.

With sales of gin in the UK topping 60 million bottles in the year end June, 2018, there seems no let up in the growing demand for new and interesting flavours in the gin category. Flavoured gin spirits are strongly on trend and it is the addition of unique botanicals that are creating a very interesting choice for gin drinkers.

With the an ever increasing selection of mixers for your cocktail and garnishes ranging from fruit berries to herbs and spices, the humble G&T is certainly having its finest hour.

Snowdonia gin creators say “ It’s all about the taste .. flavour innovation is producing some quite outstanding and interesting gin spirits and we equally have really considered our recipe.”

Snowdonia Gin chose botanicals that had a natural home in Snowdonia region including juniper, plum and oak.

Juniper grows wild in Snowdonia but the juniper population is declining in the UK, due mainly to a lack of seedling habitat.

Most juniper berries for the UK gin trade come from Italy and are hand foraged, juniper is not cultivated and just grows wild.

“ Our juniper berries for Snowdonia Gin are imported, this helps protect the natural UK grown juniper. The key is to source berries that offer a quality of flavour, as batch by batch there can be differences in the maturity of the berries, this can affect the taste, so sustainability of botanical quality is key to sustainable and great taste “

Plum also has a home in Snowdonia with the Denbigh plum claiming one of the finest plum tastes so it was a natural addition to our Snowdonia gin recipe.

“ We also chose plum due to its richness and intricate taste, it’s quite mouthwatering on the palate and once distilled produces a beautiful delicate fruit sweetness that really compliments the juniper. Plum and lemon are equally great taste bedfellows, they compliment each other and their pairing in the gin produces a quite memorable taste experience.

The Snowdonia region was once covered in Oak trees and today the most common tree in the Snowdonia National Park is Welsh oak.

“ With the addition of Oak bark we bring a slight hint of soft vanilla which combined with selected spices delivers a very smooth taste to the gin.

“ We created a very modern gin and we are very pleased with the final taste, it’s still true to being a dry gin, but with a unique flavour,  that has its heart in Snowdonia. ”

Snowdonia gin is available from good food and drink outlets or online from