“Outlook Killer” Mailbird Announces Its Unified Calendar

California, USA; 20 May 2020 – Popular desktop email client Mailbird has just released a highly-anticipated new feature – the Unified Calendar, a comprehensive addition that allows Mailbird users to manage not only emails, documents and tasks, but now also includes events.

Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows known for its high usability, multiple-account support, wide functionality and smart integrations that include management of documents, messengers, video meetings and more. Mailbird users often remark on a marked improvement in usability and features after switching to the platform from Microsoft Outlook.

The new Unified Calendar from Mailbird has created an exciting new way to manage events. The platform allows users to edit meetings, send invitations and use other matter-of-course features as normal, but now also easily unites all your calendars from any provider in the same interface – without any compatibility issues. The calendar also has a convenient sidebar view that allows you create events while viewing your mail to make the process smoother and error-free.

According to Mailbird CEO, Andrea Loubier, “The Mailbird Unified Calendar is a game changer in that firstly, it’s built into your email client with Mailbird. No more toggling between different apps, where you may have one for emails and another for calendars. Secondly, it unifies all your calendars into one place, much like how we have unified contacts, folders, and inboxes. Everything in one place. All your calendars in one smart App.”

The new Mailbird Unified Calendar feature includes:

  • Adding new calendars
  • Importing of existing calendars from any provider
  • Managing events and invitations
  • Different types of events: one-time, recurring, all-day, etc.
  • Notifications
  • Sidebar view

The feature is already available for all Mailbird’s users in the latest app version.

This update aligns with Mailbird’s vision to provide regular new feature releases that are highly appreciated by its users. In April, Mailbird announced a 12-week sprint for new features, wherein, besides the Unified Calendar, other updates like Advanced Search and Moving Emails Between Accounts were released, and more features are expected until the middle of June.

For more information visit https://getmailbird.com/

About Mailbird:

Mailbird was created in 2012 as a Sparrow-inspired desktop email client for Windows and became one of the most successful startups in the category with a 102% average year-over-year revenue growth since 2013. Mailbird has been repeatedly awarded as the best email client by reputable media, such as IT World, PC World, Windows Report, and others.

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