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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. October 2, 2019] – DCL Healthcare Properties (DCL) is about to change your
future visit to your healthcare provider. Having spent the several years developing, designing, and
engineering the optimal healthcare environment, DCL is unveiling its premier green and sustainable medical
facility development – a first of several to be built. From artificial intelligence (AI) building automation
systems, to the construction delivery method, DCL is about to change the medical space game.

Healthcare as an industry represents four percent of the world’s global carbon footprint and yet it is the
slowest of all sectors to adopt green and sustainable initiatives. It is also, according to the International
WELL Building Institute, one of last to embrace wellness of the built environment.

DCL is changing that by bringing a sustainable and innovative vision to their newest development project
located at 7000 Montrose Rd. in Niagara Falls. A unique 70,000 sq. ft dedicated medical facility alongside a
130,000 sq. ft. , 150-suite seniors’ retirement residence.

DCL’s CEO, Frank Deluca, notes, “Our facilities are optimally designed and engineered by our in-house design
team in partnership with actual technology vendors whose equipment is featured in each DCL facility.
Sourcing cost-effective engineering firms that understood my vision was just not possible so DCL set up its own engineering and design team”.

The new DCL medical facility is also a first in another way; space is not for lease. Medical Practitioners purchase their space as an office condominium completely built out by the developer’s team, similar to a residential condominium development except these are “Medical Condos“Space ownership as a condo makes more sense for the healthcare industry. The numbers and ROI just work better” says Deluca “Plus pride of ownership in a condo setting creates a peer-to-peer relationship of likeminded professionals who care about
their co-owned surroundings.

The building features include AItechnologies monitoring the built environment being used, integrated solar glass walls, optimal daylight harvesting, operable windows, and hundred sensors monitoring the facilities power, heating and cooling. Also, no more keys! Smartphone apps will open your suite and monitor your
space but it doesn’t end there. DCL has integrated antimicrobial technology into almost everything an occupant or patient will touch in the building thereby reducing the spread of common infections by up to 99% according to tech partner Microban.

The building is also entirely barrier free from any entrance and barrier-free and parking features solar powered parking canopies and heated sidewalks for snow and ice melting. Not even the landscaping has been overlooked by DCL.

Deluca notes’ “ I have already commissioned mature trees for the site that are being growing right now. All are indigenous plants that will be supported by the on-site rainwater harvesting system”. The Facility is so highly engineered that initial modeling of operating costs have come in substantially lower than any other medical building in the region.

DCL’s vision is to create the most architecturally pleasing, high efficiency and sustainable healthy environment for healthcare providers and users while delivering it quickly and cost effectively.

“We couldn’t be more on board with DCL Healthcare Properties Inc.’s vision for their latest project. It fits right in with critical initiatives in the City of Niagara Falls, including sustainability, greening and building a SMART city, not to mention the major economic boost this provides to development, jobs and growth. This DCL project is not just growth, it’s smart growth, paired with meeting a need for the highest quality healthcare amenities in Niagara Falls. Congratulations to DCL on creating this state-of-the-art facility right here!”
– Jim Diodati, Mayor, City of Niagara Falls

Sales and marketing is being handled by the world class firm of Engel & Völkers; a global luxury real estate brand founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1977, that draws on its rich European history to deliver a fresh approach to luxury real estate globally.

Irene Delorraine, head of sales for DCL and licensed agent with EV Canada, says, “We at EV Canada are very excited about our relationship with DCL and bring this world class project to market. Although are focus is here in Ontario with our global reach at EV we hope to attract all types of healthcare practitioners interested in coming to Canada”

“Your new facility will surely be a leader in the evolution of the “medical office” as we now know it, raising the bar to a new level of highly sustainable, energy efficient facility. Your focus on green facility leadership is commendable and we look forward to following your growth and supporting you with our voice as you lead new thinking on green health care buildings. “
– Neil Ritchie Executive Director Canadian Coalition for Green

The Future For Homes Is All About Modularity

All around the modern developed world, there is a continued crisis. It’s the shortage of housing that is truly the most urgent requirement policy for every government with a rapidly increasing population. The good thing about human beings being able to now live longer thanks to improved diets, better fitness knowledge and brilliant medicines, is that we have more time on earth to enjoy life. However the challenge that comes with that is the need to build new homes. There used to be a time when parents used to pass away when their children were in their late 30s or early 40s and then their homes would be inherited. But now, this happens less and less. Therefore what seems to be the answer to building modern homes is modularity. It’s clear that smaller homes will have to be built but designed to give just as much if not more room inside. Gardens and overall property size will also be smaller. Modularity sets up each home to be added to with relative ease.

Ready for order

One could say that we have reached a new level in the modern modular home style when you look at L&G Homes. It’s a company that’s been started by an American but it based in Derbyshire, UK. The company is building homes inside a factory and from that point on they can be transported out to the desired locations of the buyer. Usually this will be property and real estate agent companies. The homes themselves are essentially able to be fitted together and made giving the possibility of different styles of floors and rooms from the get-go. This is great for buyers that just want a contemporary bungalow or perhaps even urban home buyers that would like a three story home. Rather than going wide, these homes will make use of space vertically. If one were to buy a home with two floors, you have the ability to buy another floor or room and pretty much ‘upgrade’ your home. This is perhaps the best example of what a truly modular home will look like in the near future.

The inherent appeal

By far the biggest challenges for real estate companies and governments is urban housing. Young professionals dominate the market of hopeful buyers as many want to start their own families. If you’re a real estate company looking for modern property development tips, then you should consider your financial options. The market is ripe to be plucked thanks to modular homes, so using a financial advisor in this industry can help you to plan your builds aptly. Many young professionals earn a decent to good salary however, traditional homes are just far too expensive. The demand is astronomical while the supply is just a trickle. Therefore the inherent advantage of modular homes is quite evident. They might be smaller from the outside, but with open floor plan arrangements, and the ability to add to your property in future gives you more options.

Being able to order your home how you would like it to be from the ground up is a very real possibility now with L&G Homes. It’s a cheaper option that also gives the buyer more control over the kind of home they live in.