Revealed: The best cars for new drivers

The team at Dayinsure combined multiple data sets including a vehicle’s cost, economy, NCAP safety rating, warranty length, and multiple review scores to determine the best car for new drivers from the bestselling vehicles in the UK.

The Renault Clio has ranked as the best car for new drivers, due to its attractive price, excellent safety rating, top reviews, and also having the longest warranty of the cars that were looked at.

The Volkswagen Polo finished in second place, impressing with its near-perfect review scores, sublime safety rating, and affordable price, proving that it too is an excellent option for new drivers.

The Fiat 500 was named as the worst car for new drivers. This was mainly due to disappointing reviews and mediocre to poor safety ratings. It is, however, the cheapest of the best-selling cars.

Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “Buying their first car is an exciting time for every new driver, and something no one ever forgets. Although what every driver looks for in a car is unique, we wanted to discover which of the 20 most popular car models in the UK would, on paper, make the best option for a new driver.

“The Renault Clio’s stellar rankings across the board make it a worthy winner, and certainly the model we think all new drivers should consider when making a purchase. And, despite the rankings, we are sure any of these 20 vehicles would make a wonderful investment for a new driver, after all, there is a reason they are the most popular cars in the nation!”

View the analysis and rankings in full here:

The raw data can be found here:

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Our worst cleaning habits revealed in new survey

TidyChoice surveyed over 3,000 cleaners on its database to find out what cleaners really think about their customers. Cleaners revealed their clients’ worst cleaning habits and the cleaning tasks that we are not doing.

The good news is that 85% of cleaners think that their clients are clean and tidy. The bad news is that they believe 56% of clients do very little or no cleaning between scheduled sessions. Respondents thought that bathrooms (43%) and kitchens (40%) became the dirtiest rooms between visits.

The most common complaints from cleaners about their clients are listed below

1. Leaving dirty clothes lying around on the floor or on beds/chairs (31%)
2. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink (28%)
3. Clients that do no cleaning at all between sessions (15%)
4. Clients not providing proper cleaning equipment and supplies (13%)
5. Pet hair on carpets and furniture (13%)

Ana Andres, co-founder of TidyChoice who commissioned the survey commented on the results:

“In general cleaners and clients get on very well and clients appreciate the hard work that their cleaners do. However, based on the survey results, we can do some simple things to make cleaners’ lives easier and get the best from them. Just clearing away dishes or tidying up clothing could allow cleaners to spend more time cleaning important areas like kitchens and bathrooms that make a big difference to our homes.”

Client cleaning habits

Cleaners think that their clients are clean and tidy: 28% of cleaners strongly agree that their clients are clean and tidy whilst another 57% agree.

However, once we hire a cleaner, we rely on them to do the bulk of cleaning work in the house. According to cleaners, 56% of us do little or no cleaning between visits.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the rooms that get the dirtiest between visits are the bathrooms (43%) and kitchens (41%).

What are our worst cleaning habits?
In terms of cleaning habits, the worst habits are leaving dirty clothing lying around (31%) and leaving dirty dishes in the sink (28%) Other prominent themes include not having proper cleaning equipment and supplies, pet hair on carpets and furniture and clients not doing any cleaning at all.

About TidyChoice
Founded in 2014, by Colin Weston and Ana Andres del Valle, TidyChoice is an online platform, offering home cleaning and childcare services for London residents. TidyChoice professionals undergo a careful vetting process, to ensure customers can choose from a trusted and reliable community of housekeepers. Customers can choose their preferred professional and professionals can choose their own rate, hours and areas of work.

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Revealed: The best country for older people to live in

This study combined multiple factors across 105 countries around the world, comprising of:
• The country’s average life expectancy
• The country’s Health Care Index score
• The country’s safety
• The country’s happiness
• The country’s cost of living
• The country’s property prices
• The country’s pension start age
to determine the best country for older people to live in.

Finland was determined as the best country in the world for older people to live in, thanks to consistently high scores across almost all categories, including topping the list for the happiest country in the world.

Four of the five top-ranking countries also happen to be European, with Denmark in second, the Netherlands in third, Austria in fourth and Australia in fifth.

As for the UK, the country finished down in 17th place but outperformed one of the top 2 countries in regard to life expectancy. However, it was let down by a high cost of living and a mediocre performance in other categories including safety and property prices.

Many might be surprised to learn that the United States of America finished down in 28th place, with its cost of living and safety playing a factor in its less than stellar ranking. At the bottom of the list came Ukraine, Kenya and Iraq respectively.

View the analysis and rankings in full here:

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Revealed – The Most Expensive Tickets in World Football

Football ticket comparison website have analysed over 400 football matches in the biggest leagues to determine which club has the most expensive tickets on the secondary ticket market. The results for certain teams are surprising:

Highlights & Results
• Average price for a single seat on the secondary market for Liverpool F.C is over £340.
• The most expensive game of 2019/2020 season is Liverpool F.C vs Chelsea F.C. averaging at over £700 a ticket.
• Lowest price for tickets for the Premier League is Burnley with an average of £50.
• Juventus are the only Italian Team in top 10 with an average of £110 per single seat.
• FC Barcelona and Real Madrid tickets cost on average £70 to attend a home game.
• Leicester City are at number 10 with average of £69 for a single ticket.
• Premier League teams make up 6 out of 10.

Most Expensive Football Tickets

**Data was obtained on 24/11/2019 for the 2019/2020 football season. compares ticket prices from the top 5 leading suppliers of football tickets on the secondary ticket market. Only teams which officially sell-out each game included in top 10.

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Revealed: The UK’s driving opinions (Survey results)

The team at Dayinsure conducted a survey looking to uncover the UK’s driving opinions. Surveying 400 members of the UK public, they posed a series of fascinating questions looking at all aspects of driving.

Nearly 90% of people believe that older people should be required to take another driving test later in life. The most shocking result from the survey was that nearly all of those asked believe that older people should be required to take another driving test.

On the topic of driving test opinions, Dayinsure also discovered that over one-third of people believe the minimum UK driving test age should be higher.

Over half of people think drink-drivers should be disqualified for life. Currently, motorists convicted of drink-driving don’t face a life-time ban, however more than half of Brits believe there should be permanent repercussions for committing this offence.

These are just some of the fascinating opinions collected from the UK public. View all of the questions, answers and opinions in full here:
Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “With such a diverse array of opinions across the British public, we wanted to uncover some of the thoughts they have on a range of issues. Some of these questions we posed were age-old topics of discussion, and some regard new technology, but all gave us fascinating insights into how the public think in 2019.”

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