Satipharm launches new Advanced CBD products – safeguarding your health and wellness

Health and wellness company Satipharm has launched their new CBD Advanced range starting with two products – Active and Focus. In addition to CBD, these capsules include targeted vitamins to help safeguard your health.

The Active capsules contain Satipharm’s patented CBD microbeads plus vitamins A, D, K and E. These vitamins have been specifically chosen to complement the CBD, for the effects they have on muscles, skin, bones and vision. Importantly, the Active capsules contain 200% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D, which supports the functioning of the immune system. This ensures the body has adequate levels of vitamin D needed to produce the antimicrobial proteins that kill viruses and bacteria.

The Focus capsules contain the CBD microbeads, plus a targeted selection of B vitamins to support mental performance, psychological function and the reduction of tiredness & fatigue. B vitamins are necessary for creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including serotonin and dopamine. Vitamin B6 also contributes to normal immune function.

Jonathan Hartshorn, CEO of Satipharm commented: “Supporting the health of our minds and bodies is always important. Getting quality sleep, minimising stress and getting sufficient vitamin D are three simple ways to help our immune systems function well and fight infections. The launch of our Advanced Active and Focus products enables individuals to take the right supplements to support their mental and physical wellbeing.”

Satipharm’s CBD Advanced range is powered by their patented Gelpell® technology which protects the cannabinoids by embedding them in microspheres. This Gelpell® technology has been clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of CBD, making Satipharm capsules the best way to take CBD. Taking a Satipharm 10mg CBD capsule is equivalent to taking 3.5 times the dose (35mg) of CBD oil.

About Satipharm
Satipharm is a health and wellness company, specialising in the development of cannabinoid-based products and focusing on clinical evidence-based recommendations to customers and patients. The Company’s mission is to deliver the highest quality products designed specifically for the needs of its consumers.

CBD (reference Dr Perry Solomon, CMO HelloMD)
CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring active cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD has no intoxicating effect (high). These cannabinoids are just two of at least 113 identified in cannabis. CBD is most commonly used to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety and joint pain. Preliminary clinical reports indicate CBD to have analgesic properties, in addition to anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-psychoactive, and anti-convulsant properties. CBD achieves this by directly (or indirectly) affecting neurological receptors responsible for pain modulation, inflammation regulation, and mood and stress management.

Bioavailability – is the proportion of a consumed substance which enters the bloodstream when introduced to the body and so is able to have an active effect on the body. A substance (such as CBD oil) may be readily absorbed but undergo significant metabolism by the liver before the active cannabinoids reach the circulation, thereby reducing its effect in the body.

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Safeguarding Company Launches Next Generation of Queen’s Award-Winning ‘MyConcern’ Software

The team behind MyConcern are transforming the user experience and paving the way for significant additional functionality with the next generation of their safeguarding software.

MyConcern is the award-winning software used in the UK and worldwide to securely report, record and manage all well-being concerns. Today (8th May) they unveil the next generation of their secure and trusted online safeguarding platform.

MyConcern was developed by child protection professionals to equip staff in schools, colleges and other organisations to securely report their safeguarding concerns and to support safeguarding leads to manage those concerns. The system enables the easy reporting, recording and monitoring of the full range of risks encountered by children and young people today.

Schools and colleges are often the first to notice when their pupils and students may be at risk of harm and MyConcern is currently used in nurseries, maintained schools, specialist schools, academies, independent schools, academy trusts and colleges both across the UK and internationally (including all Ministry of Defence schools around the world). Other sector-specific versions of the solution also been adopted by a fast-growing number of local authorities, charities and high-profile sporting organisations.

Users of MyConcern will now benefit from a fresh new look and a streamlined safeguarding process, making safeguarding even more efficient and effective. The new user experience also ensures that the platform is ready for the release over the coming weeks and months of exciting new safeguarding functionality.

Martin Baker QPM, Managing Director for MyConcern said:

“We are constantly developing MyConcern to ensure that it always reflects current legislation, guidance and feedback from our customers. We have a world-class team of safeguarding experts and software developers who work tirelessly to ensure that our system meets the highest of standards. We are delighted to bring you the next generation of MyConcern, which will further support our users to undertake what we know to be an extremely challenging responsibility. The changes we have made to MyConcern will also enable us to release significant new functionality in the very near future.”

If you want to find out more about the award-winning safeguarding software MyConcern, you can book a free online demo at

About One Team Logic

One Team Logic was founded by Martin Baker QPM and Mike Glanville who prior to founding the company worked together for eight years as Chief Constable and Assistant Chief Constable (Operations) of Dorset Police. They are also both school governors and between them have over 60 years’ experience in safeguarding children and adults at risk. They formed the company in 2014 with their fellow director, Darryl Morton, who leads the software development and information security arrangements for the company.

About MyConcern

MyConcern is the multi award-winning safeguarding software leading the way to support schools, colleges and other organisations in their quest to keep children and young people safe from harm. Safeguarding is at the heart of all they do.

Developed by child protection experts with backgrounds in social care, education, health and policing, the system enables anyone working with children and young people to record and manage any safeguarding or well-being concerns. MyConcern facilitates the early identification of risk and provides safeguarding leads with the confidence that they are meeting their legal and moral obligations to those under their care.

Safeguarding Company, One Team Logic accepts A Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Wales/Dorset  based company honoured at Buckingham Palace for its ground-breaking safeguarding software.

Martin Baker QPM, Managing Director and Darryl Morton, Director of One Team Logic at Buckingham Palace
Martin Baker QPM, Managing Director and Darryl Morton, Director of One Team Logic at Buckingham Palace

Founding directors, Martin Baker QPM and Darryl Morton from One Team Logic today (Thurs 28th June) attended a Royal Reception held at Buckingham Palace and hosted by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The makers of MyConcern®, safeguarding software were awarded the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for their services to safeguarding and the innovative solution which is a trusted and secure software solution for protecting children and vulnerable young people from harm.

They joined other elated recipients of the coveted Queen’s Awards (now in it’s 52nd year), who were invited to attend the prestigious event. Prince Charles took the time to individually congratulate the best of British business for their achievements in innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

The MyConcern software was developed to assist people responsible for the wellbeing of the young and vulnerable (such as teachers) to be able to easily report and record concerns. With over 51,000 children in England/3000 children in Wales being identified as needing protection from abuse and with a sharp increase of in recorded sexual offences against children, these are issues that schools and colleges are often the first to be made aware of.1

The system can also cater for spotting signs of young people experiencing complex mental health issues, including self-harm. It enables schools, colleges and other organisations to record and manage safeguarding issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic, abuse and gender-based violence relating to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

One Team Logic was founded in 2014 and has since created almost 50 jobs in South Wales, as well as 14 others across the rest of the UK.

Martin Baker QPM, Managing Director for One Team Logic said:

“We are honoured that the work of our whole team has been recognised by Her Majesty the Queen through the conferring of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise. For the innovation that we have brought to safeguarding and child protection to be recognised in this very public way is both humbling and extremely gratifying.

“Given the challenges facing schools and colleges we believe that the use of MyConcern is not only transforming the way safeguarding is being managed but is also helping to support school leaders and other members of staff in their vital role as safeguarding practitioners. As a safeguarding company, we are proud to work alongside so many schools and colleges across the UK, supporting them in keeping children safe from harm.


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About The Queens Awards for Enterprise

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of: innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. The awards are valid for 5 years.

Twitter: @TheQueensAwards #queensawards