ZØLTAN Drops ‘Hey World’, New Song and Music Video

ZØLTAN celebrates the power of a smile through his music video for ‘Hey World’, his brand new single. There’s also a manifesto in the visual, an encouragement for all independent artists.

”The message of ‘Hey World’ has two dimensions. The first one speaks about the power of an unexpected smile and the revelation of forgiveness. The second one reflects on the need for perseverance on the part of independent artists in the Covid-19 context and it calls for resistance.”, declares ZØLTAN, the author of the song.

The story’s about a wicked man who comes from the depths and is wondering how it is possible that life should treat him well. He expects the worst, but he gets a smile from the world, as if from a by-passing stranger. He’s treated well. There’s always more than we can imagine when we carry the burden of guilt. In such cases, forgiveness and grace can be of great help.

The ‘Hey World’ video was directed by Vlad Cătană / ColorS Media.

Zoltan Sebestyen is an Eastern European storyteller/songwriter & bass player from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. An enigmatic artist with a sensitive lyricism, his songs are built on poetic lyrics with a strong spiritual dimension. ZØLTAN is an Art Pop project with poetic lyrics. It incorporates the sounds of contemporary urban culture, such as the ‘sounds of heritage’: pop/electropop elements and symphonic orchestral arrangements.

After ‘Black Christmas’, released on the 6th of December 2019, ‘Hey World’ is the second single from a 5 songs Ep by ZØLTAN, destined for 2020.

Find ‘Hey World’ here:

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar) Releases Anti-Hate Song – Make Love Great Again

Make Love Great Again is a track written to provide an antidote to the culture of hate that has been perpetuated by political leaders of recent times. The world is in flames, and now seems the opportune moment to release a song that has a positive message of hope. The catchy track is reminiscent of Pharrell’s “Happy”, but with added cutting political edge. Bringing people together is the theme, reuniting divided nations and focusing on love and compassion is the message.

Jeffrey has been moved by the traumatic events of the past few weeks, the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, the murder of George Floyd and the many ongoing injustices around the planet. The world needs to change. Governments need to make positive moves to eliminate police brutality, social injustice and discrimination. People need to work together as one human family to make a better world.

“I have lived a very extraordinary life on different continents, and I have learned that basically all people aspire for a common universal commodity …. love. If we make love great again, we will all be great.“ Jeffrey Daniel

All funds from download sales of Make Love Great Again will raise funds for groups fighting for racial equality and social Justice. The song is available at most online retailers from June 15th
Hate Divides – Love Unites
Heal The World
Make Love Great Again


Jeffrey Daniel – has sold over 25 million records with Shalamar. He is the man who taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk and introduced body-popping to Europe and the UK. Jeffrey co-choreographed and featured in the “Smooth Criminal” and “Bad” videos during a creative partnership with The King of Pop that spanned twenty years. They were dance brothers in the spotlight and cousins in real life. Jeffrey showcased the backslide on US TV in 1979 and did the same for UK audiences in 1982. The backslide was renamed by MJ to become an iconic move. JD gained recognition from a young age as one of the most popular dancers on the US TV program Soul Train before presenting the UK version of the show – the 6.20 Soul Train. He went on to star in the original West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, playing Electra. A legendary performer and style icon. Since 1999 JD &
Howard have been performing as Shalamar, with Carolyn Griffey joining them in 2001.

Written, performed, and produced by Jeffrey Daniel.


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Santa Aiming For Christmas Number One ‘The Mince Pie Song’ by Santa

Santa (AKA Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle and Saint Nicholas) has thrown his red hat into the ring to be Christmas Number One. He took a small break from making toys for Christmas and popped into the recording studio to sing about his favourite type of pastry: The Mince Pie.

Santa credits Mrs Claus for the inspiration for the song. One day, she caught Santa having a cheeky mince pie and commented on the noises he made;

I saw him tiptoe across the kitchen floor and the next thing I knew all the mince pies were gone! All I heard was a ho ho ho, a nom nom nom and a gobble gobble gobble.

Being an unsigned artist in the race for Christmas number one, means the odds are stacked against the jolly red man. But he doesn’t seem that fussed and just wants to put a smile on the faces of his listeners.

The song is expected to be particularly well received in the United Kingdom where the mince pie is an essential Christmas treat. The 2018 UK Christmas Number one was a song about sausage rolls, could another pastry be number one this year? Santa jolly well hopes so!
“Grunt Grunt Grunt” – Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer, North Pole
“Cool as a cucumber!” – Snowman, North Pole
“Best Song I have Ever Heard!” – Head Elf Bernard, North Pole News

“Alexa, play the mince pie song”

Santa has even proved to be a bit of a techy and he has released two Alexa skills to support the release of the mince pie song:

Christmas Countdown – The skill will give you an update from Santa everyday from the first of December to Christmas day. It already has over 52,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.3

Santa Claus – The skill let’s you ask Santa for the news from the North Pole, funny workouts, instructions for cooking mince pies and loads more.

So what are you waiting for?! Put the song on repeat, grab a mince pie and get into the festive spirit! Merry Christmas!

Listen Here:

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