Van-Glass Announces Sponsorship of ThundersportGB Races

Carlisle, Cumbria-based supplier of van windows, Van Glass Ltd is set to be the sponsor of renowned UK motorbike racing club, ThundersportGB’s GP2 Supertwins & Stocktwins races for the 2020 season.

Established in 2007, ThundersportGB is one of the UK’s most prominent motorcycle racing clubs. It routinely attracts national and international level talent to its tracks with races at regular intervals throughout the year.

Van-Glass director, Adrian Teasdale, is also a keen racing enthusiast, having himself raced in a number of ThundersportGB races in the past few years – even surviving this spectacular crash at Donington Park in 2018.

After being in business fitting windows and windscreens for years, Adrian noticed the lack of quality in a lot of the glass supplied to be fitted. With the goal of supplying customers with high quality, affordable aftermarket glass, Van-Glass was set up.

Having over 25 years’ experience in both fitting and supplying, Van-Glass is able to select the right products for its customers. In addition to this, it offers next day delivery in bespoke packaging as standard, ensuring customers a safe and speedy service.

This sponsorship is an ideal match for the pair. ThundersportGB members and motorbike racing enthusiasts in general need converted vans in order to get their bikes between races. Van-Glass is able to help beyond sponsorship, offering windows necessary for race van conversions, all from an owner who understands the needs of racers.

When asked about the partnership, Adrian said
“We as a company are over the moon to be invited to be involved at this level with ThundersportGB. The series sponsorship fits very well with our plans and we know it will add value to both our brands. It seems a good omen that I had already bought a Stocktwin and registered for the class before this deal was even on the table.”

ThundersportGB director, Syd Richard-Day, said this on Van-Glass’ sponsorship
“Superb feather in our cap to have Adrian and his great team at Van Glass on board for this in 2020. Everyone who races needs a van and converting part of them to fit windows obviously fits hand-in-glove with what we both do.”

Both Van-Glass and ThundersportGB look forward to working together towards an enjoyable 2020 season.

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Book launched to help racing stars realise their dreams

Motorsport consultant, journalist and founder of Racing Mentor Jess Shanahan has launched a new book on sponsorship that will help drivers and riders to climb through the ranks.

The book, entitled Get Paid to Race, is the ultimate guide to modern-day sponsorship and touches on everything from building a brand through to landing the biggest sponsor of a racer’s career.

Get Paid to Race takes Jess’s experience running a race team and coaching drivers, as well as her background in marketing, PR and journalism, and presents it in an easily digestible format.

Those that buy the book will also gain access to exclusive digital content such as templates, guides and videos.

Shanahan says: “Motorsport sponsorship has changed and far too many drivers are going in with the wrong approach. I set up Racing Mentor to help people find success with sponsorship and Get Paid to Race is the next logical step in that journey.”

The book has already had plenty of support from the motorsport community with drivers already finding success on social media, in the press and with new sponsors.

Shanahan also picked up three important sponsors for the book; Marc Brunel Recruitment, Trade Price Cars and SupaPass. She says: “Proof of concept was important for this book so I used everything I knew to bring sponsors on board. They’ve helped to promote what I’m doing, invested to help get the book ready for launch and we’ve got more activities planned after the event too.”

The book is now on sale for £15.97 on the Racing Mentor website  and Amazon.