Consult with a Harley Street specialist… without coming to London

LaingBuisson has launched a new online service to enable the knowledge and expertise of London’s Harley Street specialists to be shared with patients across the UK and around the globe. On, patients can now opt to book a Video Consultation or request a Second Opinion from London’s leading surgeons and physicians.

UK and international patients can now request a Video Consultation or a Second Opinion from, the leading portal for patients seeking information about doctors, clinics, hospitals and dentists in and around the square mile of medical excellence in the centre of London. The new service is provided in partnership with Trustedoctor.

A patient selects their preferred consultant or specialist and then uploads their medical records, images and scans to a secure online environment, and then requests a Video Consultation or a Second Opinion. The doctor accepts the request and schedules the Video Consultation or provides a written Second Opinion. All interactions take place within the secure, GDPR compliant Trustedoctor platform. The fee for a Video Consultation or a Second Opinion is set at the same rate as the doctor’s usual initial consultation rate. Typically, this ranges from £200 to £300 in the Harley Street area.

Keith Pollard, Executive Chairman of LaingBuisson International, said:

“Harley Street is host to some of the world’s leading specialists who attract patients from across the UK and the globe. We want to ensure that their knowledge is shared more widely. Until now, it’s not been easy for patients to consult with these specialists from afar. The new service enables a patient anywhere in the world to access their knowledge and expertise. It puts the best of London’s private healthcare at their fingertips, on their PC or their mobile device.”

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