A new no-touch tool for commuters – TouchSafe Transit

Commuters on public transport can now protect themselves from picking up germs from overhead and vertical handrails and grab bars on trains, tubes, trams, and buses as well as other common touchpoints like door and lift buttons and ticket machines with the new TouchSafe Transit.

TouchSafe Transit is an antimicrobial handguard specially designed for commuting.

The uniquely shaped handguard fits over rails and poles to shield your hands from direct contact with the surfaces and has a nib for buttons and touchscreens – up to 80% of infections are transmitted by hand.1 It helps prevent the transfer of germs to your face, where they can enter the body, as well as onward transmission to other people and surfaces.

TouchSafe Transit reduces the surface area of contact by as much as 80% compared with a hand. Its antimicrobial properties kill over 80% of bacteria in just 15 minutes and up to 99.99% in two hours as well as some viruses. Research shows that during flu outbreaks, people using public transport were six times more likely to pick up an acute respiratory infection.2

It can also be used in the office and when out and about on door handles as well as shopping trolleys if you need to pop to the shops on your way home.

TouchSafe Transit is the sister product of the TouchSafe handguard launched recently. The idea for both was conceived by GP, Dr Stephen Bright in response to the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Says Dr Bright: “Public transport is a prime environment for a disease like coronavirus, which can be spread by droplets which land on shared surfaces. If you don’t get germs on your hands, you won’t spread them. Many commuters may resort to wearing gloves, but they will still touch their faces without realising it – up to 23 times an hour3 – other surfaces and other people.

“There’s no easy access to handwashing facilities while commuting and it can be impractical to use sanitiser if you’re standing up on busy public transport. TouchSafe Transit helps keep you safer while travelling and between hand washing.”

TouchSafe Transit comes with an easy clean wrist strap. It should be cleaned daily with soap and water for 20 seconds or it can be put in the dishwasher. It has been developed by OGM, an approved UK manufacturer of medical equipment.

TouchSafe Transit costs £6.99 and is available at and

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New free tool finally shows available delivery slots for all major UK supermarkets in one place

Delivery Slot Finder is a free chrome extension app that checks for supermarket delivery slots on your behalf. It supports all the major UK supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose & the Co-op.

As you can see in the short overview video on the Delivery Slot Finder website, a rare Sainsbury’s delivery slot was found whilst demonstrating the app. These slots are very difficult to find without the use of the tool.

The public release of the tool comes at a time when home delivery slots are still frustratingly difficult to find in the UK. By the time you’ve finished clicking through each of the sites and decided on which slot would work best for you, it’s probably already been taken by someone else. Delivery Slot Finder checks the supermarkets at the same time and shows you one aggregated view in under 30 seconds.

Built by software developer Rick Blyth initially to help family and friends find delivery slots during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now freely available for the public to use. The tool will always be free but there will soon be a premium version that will give notifications when it finds delivery slots for your favourite supermarkets.

Finally, the tool will shortly support checking for “Click and Collect” slots for those supermarkets that support it. Click and Collect is becoming more popular due to the way it helps minimise time spent in close proximity to other shoppers.

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New Online Tool To Stop £23m Whisky Scam Market

Cheshire based whisky broker Mark Littler Ltd has released a Cask Calculator to help stop the £23m global whisky scam market.

The increase in fraud during the Covid 19 outbreak has been well documented but fraudulent activity isn’t just limited to pandemics. Since the 1990s, globally over £23 million pounds has been pumped into fraudulent whisky cask ventures; and that is just the ones that have been shut down.

Mark Littler developed the Cask Calculator as a straightforward way to show all the costs involved in bottling a cask of whisky including, duty, VAT, uplift, bottling and shipping. The calculator gives an equivalent per bottle cost that can be cross referenced against bottle value prices to verify the cask price and prevent fraud.

‘Until now there has been no resource available to verify whisky cask prices like there is for property or shares (e.g. Zoopla or Morning Star). However prices for whisky bottles are widely available, so if you can turn a cask cost into a true per bottle cost then you can start to verify the price of a cask,’ explains Mark Littler, founder of Mark Littler Ltd and creator of the Cask Calculator. ‘By simply adding the details of a cask into the Cask Calculator it generates a realistic figure for a per bottle cost, which can then be compared to publicly available per bottle prices.’

The free calculator has been used more than 2,000 times in the last month alone.

Whisky cask scams are an issue in the unregulated industry. The Napier Spirits Company was set up in 1995 and alone sold £3.2million of casks to the unsuspecting public. In some instances Napier sold casks that were worth £500 for £3,500.

Napier Spirit Company was eventually shut down but cask mis-selling still happens today.

‘One of the worst instances I have encountered was just a few months ago at the start of 2020,’ says Mark Littler. ‘The asking price on a cask was so inflated it would have been cheaper to purchase comparable distillery bottled product at full retail price including shipping and taxes and decant those bottles back into a cask than pay the asking price for the cask. We want to make that kind of price disparity impossible.’

Alongside the cask calculator Mark Littler Ltd. have released a large number of other educational tools to help potential cask buyers purchase a whisky cask at a fair price. Resources include a 10 part video guide series, a 52 page printed or PDF Cask Buying Guide and dozens of blogs that cover everything from avoiding scams to everything you could possibly want to know about a cask.

Mark Littler Ltd is an independent antiques consultant and whisky broker with over 300 five star reviews of their services. They have sold everything from medieval rings, classic Porsche, vintage Rolexes and casks of Macallan. They also provide a cask brokering service with the ethos of helping their customers buy quality whisky casks at a fair price.

Mark Littler
01260 218 718

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Wonderflow supports companies with free AI-driven employee feedback analysis tool WonderWork

Amsterdam (NL) and Trento (IT), April 23, 2020 – Wonderflow, a leader in artificial intelligence-driven feedback analysis, today announced that it is making recently launched WonderWork, its employee feedback tool, available for free for the rest of 2020 to help companies overcome the global COVID-19 crisis.

Wonderflow’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is already used by many organizations to capture and analyze structured and unstructured customer feedback. WonderWork brings together the technology and the experience for employee feedback analysis. Users collect and analyze employee feedback for real-time actionable insights, which can be used to support new ways of working, as well as teams’ well-being.

The free version of WonderWork will feature:
– Availability for any company with more than 50 employees
– Unlimited collection and analysis of unstructured feedback
– Real-time access to actionable insights
– GDPR and ISO27001 privacy compliance

“Over the past weeks, we have heard from the managers and employees that they feel isolated during these unprecedented times and ever-changing circumstances,” Riccardo Osti, Wonderflow’s CEO, shared. “The speed of change has increased tenfold, and digital transformation is accelerating as a result of the crisis.”

Osti continues: “With the launch of WonderWork, we are able to help companies to stay connected with their employees, as well as assess their well-being and specific needs, especially in these times of crisis. Whether you’re a smaller business or part of a team inside a large organization, you can request free access to WonderWork.”

Mike Ruini, Head of Product at Wonderflow, emphasizes the importance of accessibility: “The concept is centered around ease of use. It will take just minutes to launch the first employee feedback request, which consists only of one open-ended question that will help you understand the satisfaction of your employees as they deal with changes. It helps your company build a continuous feedback loop with your employees.”

Learn more about WonderWork and request access via this link:

About Wonderflow
Wonderflow is a leader in feedback analysis powered by artificial intelligence. Wonderflow’s technology collects and analyzes vast amounts of unstructured and structured feedback, empowering companies to turn customer and employee feedback into actionable insights. Many organizations, including Fortune 100 companies, leverage Wonderflow as the central tool to deliver a better customer experience by integrating feedback into product development, customer service, e-commerce, and more.

Note to editors: Trademarks and registered trademarks referenced herein remain the property of their respective owners. For further information, questions, images, or interview opportunities:

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This tool tells you how much poop you’ll have to produce to use up your Covid-19 toilet paper stock has been created to show people how much poop they’ll have to produce to use up their Coronavirus (COVID-19) toilet paper stock.

In light of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, the global outbreak has led to uncontrolled panic buying, especially when it comes to toilet paper.

The main purpose of this tool is to help people realise that they have way more toilet paper than they actually need to survive the quarantine.

The calculator has 3 main features:

1. Status is given to you based on your current toilet paper stock
2. Estimated kilograms of poop that has to be produced to use up your current stock of toilet paper
3. The number of days you will last with your current stock

The calculator features intuitive sliders, visual aids and real-time results.

Please think of others as not everybody is capable to stock up on toilet paper!

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Ten-year-old autistic boy invents genius new tool for stress and anxiety relief

ORANGE COUNTY, CA March 2020 – A young autistic boy has come up with an ingenious idea to harness the power of a trending beauty tool and take it to new heights!

Gemstone facial rollers have become a must-have beauty item on many women’s shelves over the last couple of seasons. The handheld tool has rollable gemstones like jade or rose quartz on either end and beauty buffs say they offer an instant cooling and relaxing facial treatment that helps to drain excess fluid and toxins from the skin and increase circulation.

Ten-year-old Malachi Mitchell was fascinated by the tool while watching his mother use it in the evenings. It wasn’t long before he was trying it out on himself, rolling it on his arms and neck, which he found soothing. As a child with autism and ADHD, anxiety is a common occurrence and Malachi’s mother Alana was relieved to find something that calmed his nerves.

“I wanted my mom to bring the roller with us everywhere so I could use it whenever I wanted, but we couldn’t really do that because it was too big,” explains Malachi.

It was then that the aspiring inventor came up with the brilliant idea to turn the roller into a necklace that he could take on the go.

10 Year Old Boy With Autism Invents Genius NEW Tool

[VLOG post, 2 min watch] PUTTING MY HEART ON MY SLEEVE, the MOST VULNERABLE facebook post of our lives?Click below to watch the inspirational story!It also happens to be the emotional journey behind our newest product, the stone roller necklace (patent pending). ❎ I wear it to help my son Malachi all day long❎ Help us create awareness❎ Handy fidget tool for adults and childrenMy son Malachi (10 Years old, Autism Spectrum) played the biggest role in this product invention. Our jaws dropped when we heard his idea, then dropped again when we realized that his idea was completely unheard of!If you want to support us, please watch and share the video to help create awareness, and comment below and let Malachi know what you think!Learn More Here:

Posted by on Monday, 16 March 2020

“Our jaws dropped when we heard his idea, then dropped again when we realized that his idea was completely unheard of,” said Alana, “Malachi has struggled in the past with bullies and other children not understanding how he is, but the process of inventing a successful product and obtaining a patent has really given him a boost of confidence!”

The necklaces are made from 100 percent genuine stones and Malachi’s clever design means skincare lovers can now enjoy the benefits of their favorite skincare device anytime, anywhere!

The gemstone necklaces can be used for people and children like Malachi who enjoy tactile stimuli, or as a stress reliever for those who feel the need to fidget, or even as a tool to cultivate mindfulness or awareness.

“I’ve always wanted to be an inventor and build all kinds of cool gadgets and robots and stuff, but sometimes it’s hard to do things with autism,” says Malachi, “My mom says we need people like me in the world because we think differently!”

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MediaCore SMS wins Best SMS Aggregation Tool at Messaging and SMS Awards

Speedflow Communications triumphs at Capacity Media’s SMS and Messaging World awards in London.

London, UK (December 2019) – MediaCore SMS, a wholesale SMS platform developed by Speedflow Communications, has been distinguished from a number of other platforms with an award for Best SMS Aggregation Tool at the SMS and Messaging World Awards in London on Tuesday.

Organised by Capacity Media, the SMS and Messaging World conference is one of the largest forums for innovative idea exchange and business networking in the global messaging industry.

This award establishes MediaCore SMS as a leading Bulk messaging solution and is a testament to the strides that Speedflow Communications has made in refining it in recent years.

“We are really happy that the MediaCore SMS platform won the award for the Best SMS Aggregation Tool!

“We are proud that our efforts are being recognized! This means a lot to us!” said Konstantin Vykhristenko, Head of Marketing at Speedflow Communications.

In late November, MediaCore SMS was updated to support HTTP protocol as part of a wider package of improvements. With HTTP’s rising popularity, where many small-medium SMS providers choose to transmit messages to their end-users by using HTTP APIs, the upgrade has allowed MediaCore users to enrich their partnership-making potential and increase revenue.

About Speedflow Communications Ltd.

Speedflow has been providing quality services and innovative software solutions in the telecommunication industry for over 15 years. The company’s experience and expertise has helped it establish partnership with VoIP providers around the globe. It regularly works to promote and develop VoIP communications.

At present, Speedflow holds established positions in the telecom market.

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The New Tool for CISOs To Quantify IT Risks And Solutions Into Actual Figures For The Board

There is currently an operational disconnect between CISOs/CTOs or CIOs and the board or decision-makers. This is primarily caused by speaking different languages; that is, cyber professionals expressing themselves in technological terms, and the board understanding concepts from a purely financial or business perspective. Although each party works towards the same aim – protecting the company from risk – they approach it with a unique parlance that can hinder company responsiveness and leave it open to threats.

Gartner recognises risk management as a key trend of 2019 but translating cyber threats into financial risk can be resource-intensive. It’s the responsibility of the IT side to identify these risks, find solutions, and create budget requests in a format and language that the board immediately recognises.

This helps them to understand the risk, know what they’re being asked to approve, and give the green light without any unnecessary clarifications or delays. Cyber threats constantly evolve and must be addressed quickly; prolonged budget applications only serve to increase the risk.

Recognising and understanding this landscape led to the creation of Boardish. An innovative and revolutionary new tool that changes the way IT professionals, CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs communicate with their board of directors or business decision-makers. It helps to fill the soft skills gap, allowing cyber professionals to quantify IT risks and solutions in terms of their financial impact. Boardish provides clarity by showing the risk mitigation of your solutions, as well as remaining exposure, transforming this data into a proposal with actual figures. Achieving this allusive clarity and bridging the communication gap between IT and the board.

Boardish is the brainchild of Eli Migdal and Hadar Kantor. Eli is an IT and cyber expert who has helped countless clients and businesses to find and implement the right cyber solutions. Hadar has over 19 years’ experience in management and board communication, with an emphasis on management psychology and corporate organisation. Both Eli and Hadar understand the challenges faced by IT managers/CISOs and CTOs and the most effective ways to gain important budget approvals from the board.

Boardish was created as a tool to help improve client understanding, but it became so much greater – evolving into the smart, indispensable tool that helps IT and the board understand each other.

Boardish is currently in beta. It’s desktop-optimised and can be used for free, although this may change as features continue to develop. It doesn’t need to be integrated into any existing systems, and is intuitively designed, making it easy for anyone to get started.

Internal communications and IT budget approvals can be difficult, but Boardish is helping to spark conversations within the companies it serves, allowing IT departments to be better integrated into fundamental decision-making.

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