Electric vehicle drivers got paid to fill up this weekend

● Electricity prices went negative for long periods on Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff on the bank holiday weekend

● Drivers with the Ohme charger automatically charged their cars when prices were cheap/negative

● Ohme drivers got paid around £5 as they charged over 600 miles worth of electricity, enough to drive London to County Durham and back, and would typically cost around £100 in petrol

UK, Thursday 28th May 2020: Over the bank holiday weekend, there were long periods during the day and the night where electric vehicle drivers, using Octopus Agile’s green electricity tariff and an Ohme cable or home charger, were actually paid to charge their car.

One driver, for instance, was paid £4.51 to charge up his Tesla Model 3 with enough electricity to drive over 650 miles – which would have cost over £100 in an equivalent petrol car, a BMW 3 series. That is enough energy to drive from London to County Durham and back.

Another driver, on Twitter, quipped “I drive from Bath to Edinburgh…and Octopus PAY ME enough to buy 2 pints of cask ale and a bag of crisps”, as other drivers were posting energy prices and declaring what they were planning to do, as you can see here.

Wholesale electricity prices were negative because of lower electricity demand, coupled with the weather which was both windy and sunny causing there to be lots of renewable energy available. Octopus Agile charges customers based on wholesale prices which allows people on this tariff to benefit from lower prices when excess power is available. Periods of negative prices are occurring more frequently. For example, on Saturday 23rd May, prices were negative for more than 12 hrs, from early morning to the middle of the day, and drivers were paid up to 11p per kWh used.

Ohme’s smart charging technology enables drivers to optimise each charge according to what they want and what the predicted power prices will be over the next 24 hours. Ohme will turn the charging on-and-off throughout the day-or-night to minimise the costs and take advantage of the lower energy prices. Ohme does all the hard work. This also uses surplus renewable energy which could, otherwise, be wasted if wind turbines are curtailed to balance supply and demand.

Case study

Jack from Bath was paid £1.43 to fill his Jaguar I-PACE up with 82 kWh – enough electricity to drive more than 200 miles, saving approximately £34 versus a petrol equivalent. Unfortunately, he did not have enough space in his battery to take full-advantage so he invited his Dad who drives a Tesla and lives around the corner to plug in, enjoy free electricity and earn Jack some money.

David Watson CEO and Founder of Ohme:“Smart charging is obviously great news for EV drivers, reducing the total cost of owning an EV significantly by passing on energy cost savings. As well as being a more efficient cleaner mode of transport, EVs will have a profound positive impact on the grid, unlocking value by cheaply shifting demand to times where there is an excess of renewable energy on the system.”

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles: “Electric cars can save drivers up to 90% fuel saving normally, but this weekend we even saw drivers getting paid to fill up as Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff prices dropped below zero for a few hours – saving some drivers up to £85. Even better, drivers with smart tech like the Ohme cable were able to seamlessly take advantage of the negative prices without having to think about when to start and stop their charging – it just happened automatically – a great snapshot of a smart, green future.”


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Finally – Independent Vehicle Inspections are here

Buying a car can, and should, be a lot like buying a house. No matter if it’s brand new or if it’s second hand, it’s vital to ensure it’s going to be a good investment that’ll last you for as long as you need.

4 Million Used Cars A Year
Over 4 million used cars have been bought in 2019 already. That’s 1 in every 15 of us! With his many people buying these cars every year, issues are fairly common.

An MOT and HPI Check Are Not Enough
Government services like the MOT only tell you if a car is safe to drive at the moment the MOT test takes place. Even with a current MOT, serious issues either electrical, mechanical, or structural can still be present and be about to cost you a huge amount of money to repair.

HPI checks will tell you if the car is stolen or has finance on it – which is vital to verify. However, it won’t tell you if your brake discs are worn or if the clutch is about to go.

In a recent survey, 90% of used cars tested had maintenance issues, and a further 20% of those were serious, despite these precautions being in place. The MOT and HPI check is important but they only tell you if the car is illegal or hazardous at the time of purchase, nothing more.

Dealership Checks and Warranties
Many dealerships advertise the fact that they do extensive checks on all their second-hand cars before they sell them and they also provide warranties. However, these checks are not independent – the seller who really wants to sell a car and make a profit will have their interests in mind, not yours. Also, their warranties frequently exclude most of the standard parts that need to be replaced likes, tyres, and brakes.

Independent Checks
What you really need is an independent car checking service and finally, these are available in the UK. founder Klavs Simkus, a qualified mechanic and entrepreneur with over 20 years of
experience explains what these services are all about:

“The demand for pre-purchase car examinations is ever increasing. Prior to buying a used car, it is so important to check what you’re actually buying. A poorly maintained vehicle could potentially come with an expensive price tag for repairs needed after purchase. CarExamer aims to help car buyers by doing a more than 200-point inspection and providing approximate repair estimates, audio feedback, video feedback, and inspector follow up call with instant reports after inspection. A qualified mechanic is given an objective to inspect the sellers/vendor’s car’s condition, taking into consideration the mileage and age of the car and report back. The report covers any maintenance issues, faults in the electrical system (diagnostic scans of all subsystems are performed), possibly developing faults in the future where no immediate action is needed. Finally, a recommendation of the best possible course of action for the buyer is given.”

Your car is in safe hands too. All inspectors working in the company have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with used vehicles, be that in garages and repair shops or breakdown recovery and roadside assistance. They are all fully certified with accreditations and qualifications to ensure you’re getting the best possible service, all fully insured.

Save your time, your money, and your effort with service 7 days per week, 14 hours a day, all in place to help you help yourself. Don’t get caught out!

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Los Angeles, CA, USA; 7 December 2019 – Tesla delivered a record 97,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2019 and the company’s smallest and most affordable model, the Model 3 was recently named Car of the year in the Parkers New Car Awards 2020 – the first electric car ever to be awarded this accolade.

These and other factors make it clear that Tesla is a brand on the rise and those who own and drive the cars daily, have become its most enthusiastic brand advocates. George Szeto is one such Tesla-owner. A long-time supporter of the company, George even invested in the company before finally purchasing his first vehicle in December 2018.

“I really admire Elon Musk’s ‘never say die’ spirit and have always been supportive of Musk and Tesla’s mission,” says George, “From the launch of first Model S I was intrigued and decided to become a Tesla shareholder. Later, I became even more fascinated with SpaceX and finally, I was ready to buy my first vehicle and decided on the Model 3. It’s a fantastic car and one that I regularly recommend to all my friends and family.”

After taking delivery of his new Model 3, George took his brand passion to the next level when he decided to start manufacturing Tesla accessories for other Tesla-owners.

“I started having road trips with my family in my Tesla and found that I wanted a soft cooler that would fit the car perfectly and blend with its aesthetic, but there was no company on the market making anything like it. I saw a gap and decided create something custom.”

It started out as a fun project, but once George’s unique and stylish Tesla cooler was made, he decided that he wanted to share his creation with other passionate Tesla-owners.

Before long, George had set up and branched out into other accessories including floor and trunk mats. George’s 22 years working in the auto parts industry meant he was well-positioned to develop the products and get them produced to high quality specification. currently stocks accessories made to order for the Model 3 and Model X cars but will gradually develop more items based on demand and popularity of other Tesla vehicles.

As emissions regulations in cities become stricter and more people are choosing electric vehicles, Tesla looks set to continue its impressive growth and more enthusiastic Tesla-owners mean more exciting opportunities for to meet their vehicle accessory needs.

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British Car Manufacturer MG Motor Launches TV Ad for First-Ever Electric MG

The iconic British brand launches a standout new animated TV commercial which showcases MG’s first-ever electric vehicle, the MG ZS EV SUV, with a powerful ‘electric is for all’ message

London, October 8th, 2019: This week, the iconic British car manufacturer MG Motor launches a stunning new animated TV commercial for their first-ever electric vehicle, which airs throughout October.

Showcasing the already popular MG ZS EV SUV, using a combination of beautifully animated storytelling and 3D modelling, the exciting new ad will air on ITV Network and ITV Hub this month on 7,14,21 until the 28th October 2019.

Setting itself apart from some of the current automotive advertising trends, the stylish and fun animated commercial which is set to upbeat music and a voiceover depicts the enticing lifestyle and experiences the family-friendly electric MG ZS EV can offer.

The specialist automotive agency behind the commercial, PHM Group, conceptualised the piece by homing in on MG’s core brand values; family, fun, value and storytelling. The result is a modern and light-hearted commercial that encompasses the affordability, competitive positioning, advanced technologies, design and family sized practicality of the MG ZS EV.

Produced with detailed animations, weaved in with 3D modelling of the real MG car and an electric charging point, the ad clearly demonstrates to audiences that ‘electric is for all’.

Following the announcement of their record-breaking start to 2019, MG is keen to maintain this momentum and further strengthen their position as the fastest-growing car manufacturer in the UK.

With this in mind, PHM Group has developed the new ad with a strong focus on appealing to MG Motor target customers, as well as supporting MG in achieving their key commercial objectives for the year.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing MG Motor UK says: “Sales of new MG cars in the UK continue to go from strength-to-strength and we’re very excited to be launching MG ZS EV, our first- ever electric car. ZS EV is a truly affordable, family friendly electric car and we’ve already secured over 2,000 orders from customers eager to make the transition to zero emissions motoring with MG.

We’re delighted to be launching a new commercial for ZS EV this October which we feel showcases the car’s brilliant qualities including its high-tech features, family sized practicality and seven-year warranty. The commercial also highlights ZS EV’s great affordability and low running costs which make it the perfect electric car for everyone.

Working with the PHM Group on this project has been fantastic, right from the initial pitch process through to implementation – they not only saw the importance of brand, tone of voice, and storytelling, but also needing to produce a commercial which is aligned with our overall sales strategy.

The result is a stunning commercial which we feel completely encapsulates our brand and will speak to our target audiences in the right way.”

Peter Hookham-Miller, Managing Director for PHM Group says: “We are absolutely delighted to have been able to work on MG Motor UK’s new television commercial which will be airing across ITV and ITV Hub throughout this October and January 2020.

MG cars are fun, sporty and amongst the best value in the market and we wanted to communicate this to a wide audience. Alongside our partner agency Limegreentangerine, we have created a concept that focuses on MG’s existing core values.

MG’s first-ever electric vehicle, the MG ZS EV, is set to revolutionise the way consumers view zero-emissions motoring. Our extensive experience in the automotive industry means that our team is perfectly positioned to communicate this story to a wide target audience that fits with MG’s overarching sales strategy.

We have created a stylish, modern, upbeat and inclusive commercial, which we feel not only reflects the MG brand but pinpoints the things that are important to modern consumers when it comes to making their purchasing decisions – family, experiences, and affordability.

We are incredibly pleased with the resulting look and feel of this new commercial for MG Motor and are excited to see it air for the first time this October.”

Client: MG
Management: PHM Group
Concept and Direction: Limegreentangerine
Development: Limegreentangerine
Script: James Foster/Alex Down
Production: James Foster
2D animation: Hend & Lamiaa
CG compositing: Bokeh Digital
Sound: Syncbox
Camera: Vidoo Media

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