vision announces revolutionary new vision for modern housing developments

The leading land development company’s Vision22 delivers a roadmap for much needed housing development with minimal environmental impact. This sustainable future begins now with 600 acres already secured for progression of the initiative.

The UK needs more affordable housing for a growing population. Meanwhile, the need for new environmentally-aware economic models has become increasingly clear.

This has left most in the construction and development industries asking whether these two immutable truths can be reconciled. The experts at are no exception and, in the development of Vision22, their conclusion is a resoundingly positive one.

Vision22 is all about changing the way housing developments are built and delivered by placing environmental protection at the centre of every part of the process.

Today we are encouraged to live eco-friendly, sustainable and low carbon lives. This is all part of taking both individual and collective responsibility for caring for our planet, something in which the housing development industry must now follow suit.

However, in 2020 the majority of housing developments are still being delivered using outdated processes, technology and materials. These developments produce housing with the same old issues around sustainability, longevity and quality of living for the occupants.

In response, Vision22 is a commitment from to create the housing developments of the future, now. Low carbon, sustainable housing developments that incorporate cutting-edge technology and modern materials into their design.

Vision22 will deliver:

• lower density housing developments;
• sustainable communities integrated with existing settlements;
• open spaces and gardens incorporated into developments to promote healthy living;
• development plans that prioritise the preservation of ecology and landscape;
• affordable housing that offers families homes for life, built for longevity;
• infrastructure that supports sustainable travel and easy access to amenities. has already secured 600 acres in the UK specifically earmarked for Vision22 developments. This provides the capacity to deliver more than 2,500 homes (including nearly 1000 affordable homes) all built within the framework of the new initiative.

Over the next 10 years intends to lead the way in delivering large eco-village projects that help to change the way that the UK builds its homes. Vision22 is how this ambitious objective will be achieved.

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Opticians reveals over 40% of children require glasses

A national group of independent opticians is urging parents to get their children’s eyes checked after it revealed that 42% of the under 16s it has seen over the last four years have required glasses or contact lenses.

Failure to address vision problems or eye health issues as early as possible can lead to difficulties developing key abilities such as spatial awareness, motor skills, sensory development, communication and social skills. It can also affect education and learning at school or college.

Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists have released the statistics and advice to mark Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month throughout August.

Although young children may struggle to articulate if they’re having problems with their eyes, Bayfields has compiled a useful checklist of some warning signs that parents and carers can look out for.

• Does your child regularly rub their eyes or squint?
• Do they close one eye or try to obscure their vision on purpose when reading or looking at objects?
• Have they increasingly complained that their eyes hurt, especially when using screens or reading?
• Do they suffer from headaches or find it difficult to pay attention and focus when you’re interacting with them?
• Do they sit very close to the TV or hold screens or books very close to their face?
• Have they suddenly started to try and avoid doing things like writing, homework or reading?
• Are they confused when reading, writing, drawing or carrying out other activities?
• Are they more sensitive to light than usual, or find that their eyes are watering excessively?

Royston Bayfield, founder and managing director of Bayfields Opticians and Audiologists, said: “We’ve seen thousands of under 16s across our 18 practices over the last four years and our internal data shows over 40% of these needed glasses or contact lenses. Often parents don’t realise there is a problem, and although there are some signs to look out for, we’d always advise getting a proper eye examination. And it’s not just vision that can be an issue, there are other health conditions that can be identified through thorough eye tests.”

Eye examinations are available for free on the NHS for under-16s or anyone aged between 16 and 18 and in full-time education. At Bayfields, the trained optometrists examine overall eye health, as well as vision. The College of Optometrists recommends children have their eyes tested regularly from three-years-old.