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X Anti-CounterfeitX CurrencyX ExhibitionX financeX security

New Show Makes Waves Within the Currency, Secure Document & Anti-Counterfeit Sector

Exhibition to revolutionize communication between the currency supply chain & its customers

London, November 7 2017 – Announced today, free-to-attend Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo (ACCE) taking place in Las Vegas,  November 6-8  2018, the first event to provide a global platform dedicated to the entire currency supply chain, secure document and anti-counterfeit technology sector.

Launched to open the lines of communication between the currency supply chain and its customers, ACCE 2018 will open its doors to over 2000 visitors from banks, retailers and casinos. Facing the same challenges and regulations, ACCE 2018 offers a rare meeting place that is accessible to all businesses from startups to global corporations.

Boasting the largest supplier marketplace seen by the industry and a free two track conference, ACCE 2018 will deliver original and compelling content from speakers representing all areas of the industry. From cash management trends and barriers, the global epidemic of banknote counterfeiting, to the effect of challenger banks and disruptive technology, the seminar program promises to address the issues that really matter to its audience.

ACCE 2018’s fresh approach to B2B finance and security events, sectors that until now have remained faithful to the traditional conference format, has already won the support of several key industry leaders including CCL Secure, who said, “we look forward to attending the first Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo and interacting with government and industry peers in a new setting.”

With 25% of exhibitor space already booked through word of mouth alone, and still 12 months from the exhibition and conference, the industry grapevine has ACCE tipped as the must-attend event for 2018.

Register to attend ACCE here: http://www.anticounterfeit-expo.com

Information for Editors
Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo is owned by Elite Exhibitions, a young and enthusiastic exhibition and conference organizer who create unique, meaningful events that are accessible to all. With a background in B2B shows across the finance, technology and manufacturing sectors, the Elite Exhibitions team use their expertise to deliver relevant, engaging, and valuable experiences.

Contact Information:

Fiona Honeyman
Marketing Manager
Elite Exhibitions
Email: fiona.honeyman@elite-exhibitions.com
Contact Phone Number: 01273 086330
Event Website URL: http://www.anticounterfeit-expo.com
Company Website URL: elite-exhibitions.com