CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ unlocks the value of predictive corrosion monitoring for CUI

Today marks the launch of the CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ which allows industry to try out predictive moisture and corrosion monitoring in a specially designed evaluation project. StarterPACK™ is a quick and easy way for companies to weigh up the benefits of Predictive Corrosion Management (PCM) in tackling the challenges of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).
The CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK™ project is the definitive starting point in the journey towards PCM.  Carefully designed to help companies make the right decision, StarterPACK™ provides the technical data and business justification required to support complete adoption of continuous online CUI monitoring and detection.

StarterPACK™ aims to accelerate validation of data driven PCM across oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. For operators, it means informed decision making, optimised maintenance programmes, safer and more reliable operations with decreased risk and more production uptime.

The StarterPACK™  is focused on CorrosionRADAR’s award-winning solution and combines unique functionalities of its Moisture and Corrosion Monitoring Systems in one package, with a user-friendly analytics dashboard.

StarterPACK™ enables:
  • Continuous CUI detection, localisation and monitoring
  • Understanding on how data is transmitted, integrated and visualised
  • Understanding on how data is analysed for effective decision support
  • Reporting on business cases and ROI calculations
StarterPACK™ users have complete access to CorrosionRADAR resources and knowhow. CorrosionRADAR engineers help first by assessing company needs, identifying system configuration, guiding system set-up and integration, then supporting with data interpretation and visualisation of CorrosionRADAR system outcomes.

At the end of the project, companies will have generated the following in preparation for next steps:
  • System performance report
  • Business case and associated use cases
  • Recommended field deployment plan for scale-up
CorrosionRADAR is able to run a select number of projects this year and recommends that companies get in touch with the CorrosionRADAR team to discuss objectives and scope deliverables in detail.
About CorrosionRADAR StarterPACK
About CorrosionRADAR
CorrosionRADAR is recognised internationally for its technology, research and development focused on monitoring and predictive solutions to address problems with corrosion. The company has worked with asset management teams all over the world and fully understands the impact of predictive Corrosion Monitoring to improve outcomes associated with safety, asset availability and operational expenditure.

A spin-out from Cranfield University, CorrosionRADAR was founded in 2017 by Dr Chiraz Ennaceur, Dr Prafull Sharma and Dr Mehrdad Silatani to integrate novel Electro-Magnetic Guided Radar (EMGR) sensing technology* into a trusted product range that would allow the industry to continuously monitor and accurately predict Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).

The CorrosionRADAR team combined the patented EMGR technology with predictive analytics in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network to create the world’s longest-range predictive corrosion monitoring solution suitable for any asset across the oil and gas, power and utilities, industrial manufacturing, renewable and civil infrastructure sectors.

Attracting significant investment along the way, CorrosionRADAR’s technology is now installed in plants across the globe, where its systems are fast-tracking the move from manual inspection to automated monitoring, and from reactive to predictive corrosion management.

*Invented by Dr Prafull Sharma and Professor Hoi Yeung at Cranfield University.
Issued 10 May 2021 by CorrosionRADAR Ltd.

CorrosionRADAR Ltd, Future Business Centre, King’s Hedges Road, Cambridge CB4 2HY, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 1223 608861.

Custom packaging tech firm tops fastest growing business list after 9000% growth

An eco-packaging tech firm, who achieved 9077% growth, has taken the top spot as the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe.

Warsaw-based startup, Packhelp, has topped the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list and joins Newcastle-based FinTech firm, DivideBuy, as the top ranked firm for the UK.

Packhelp has a mission to make custom branded packaging accessible to all businesses, fusing the printing industry, the packaging industry and the modern world of graphic design together in one easy to use tech platform.

Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 is one of Europe’s foremost technology awards programs. Now in its twenty-third successful year, it is an acknowledgement of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies based on revenue growth over the last four years, from 2016 to 2019. 

Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO & Co-Founder at Packhelp said: “As a start-up we are proud to be acknowledged by such a credible accolade and our success is testament to our fantastic team of 170 professionals making this possible with their hard work every day.”

“Packhelp is trusted by over 22,000 brands across Europe who want custom branded packaging without the eco footprint and in a product range tailored to their needs. We’re a European business helping European brands grow globally. We live in one of the hottest Startup environments in the world and we are really proud to see 15 other local companies on the list too.”

Packhelp is available across Europe – For more information or further advice visit

Fast Fashion

Did you know “Polyester fleece jackets release an average of 1.7 grams of plastic microfibres each time they are washed.”

It’s facts like this that really make you realise the invisible damage we can still be doing to the planet. You proactively go out of your way to not purchase the shower gel in a plastic bottle, pick the loose veg rather than the bagged stuff, whilst all the while washing your favourite new jacket is adding to the ever growing plastic problem. The fashion industry needs to take a step back and address the issues.

Upstream Printing are a Cornwall based printing company that has focused primarily on the element of sustainability. We are trying to reduce the impact of textiles and fast fashion and are urging our customers to do the same. For a very small increase in cost you can use a product that is sustainable, organic and produced under the Fair Wear Foundation Guidelines. A product that you can feel good about, shout about, wear comfortably, wash and more than likely outlast anything that you have previously purchased.

Our sister company My School Hoodie, produce sustainable clothing and specialise in School Leavers Hoodies, University Leavers Hoodies, Primary School Hoodies and Ski Trip Hoodies. We produce every clothing order, start to finish on our premises. Using our experience in both design and production, we can get your school set up quickly and efficiently, with no extra markups from outsourcing.

We stumbled across an article in the Guardian and felt it completely hit the nail on the head.

” It was probably the only time a 93-year-old has stolen the show at Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage. Sir David Attenborough had important things to say when he warmed up for Kylie Minogue last month. After showing scenes from Blue Planet 2, the wildlife series credited with inspiring a sea change in attitudes towards plastics pollution, the broadcaster thanked festival goers and organisers for banning single-use water bottles. “This great festival has gone plastic-free,” he said to cheers. “Thank you! Thank you!”

Kylie’s crowd was right to feel virtuous – single-use plastic is an oil-derived menace to marine life – but how many paused to look down at the elastic in their waistbands, the polyester in their T-shirts and the nylon in their shoes? Plastic in what we wear may be less visible than it is in bottles or straws, but it is no less toxic. Yet somehow we have woven it so tightly into our throwaway society that we barely notice it, even when it is on our own backs. Now there are moves – at the top and bottom of a complex global supply chain – to do something about it.”

We’re all guilty of it. Maybe even more so now that we’re not visiting the high street to browse and purchase. It takes seconds to load up your favourite website, add a lorry load to your basket and it arrives at your front door the very next day. Effortless. But just where have those garments come from? What conditions were they produced in?

The Fair Wear Foundation started back in 1999 and has built an incredible initiative in that time. They perform factory audits, training and performance checks to ensure that workers right around the world are met.

Its time to not only reduce the single use plastic in our lives, but take a look at the clothes on our back!


A newly appointed energy and sustainability expert to strengthen TEAM’s multi-discipline Consultancy service.

Highly experienced energy project manager, Sam Arje, has joined TEAM Energy to help customers realise their energy management needs and sustainability goals through their growing suite of consultancy services.

Sam has over 15 years’ experience in project management; with 7 of those years dedicated to driving down energy consumption and carbon emissions for UK based holiday organisation, Bourne Leisure. Whilst here, Sam established sustainability strategies across the group’s three brands, managed their £45m utility spend, and implemented energy projects for the group, including their company-wide internal energy management platform, and ESOS auditing as the internal lead assessor.

His professional successes include a 25% reduction in electricity consumption and a 45% reduction in carbon emissions during his tenure at Bourne Leisure. He also won the Energy Managers Association awards for the “’Best Energy Reduction Project through Organisational Behaviour Change 2017”, “Energy Management Team of the Year 2016” and Runner up “Energy Manager of the year”, Private Sector 2019.

Commenting on Sam’s appointment, Tim Holman, Head of Operations at TEAM said:
“Sam’s sustainability achievements as an energy manager are remarkable. They represent many of the goals that our customers are working towards. His in-depth energy management insights, experience with budgeting and reporting, knowledge of up to date legislation, and general understanding of energy markets will bring many benefits to existing and new customers. “

“As a sustainability champion, we’re delighted to have Sam on board. He will be playing a key role in the development and expansion of our consultancy portfolio, adding notable value and ensuring the breadth of energy services meet the needs of the industry.”

In addition to his extensive career in project management, Sam is an experienced data analyst, market and social researcher. He previously worked as a Lead Analysis Programmer for TNS, part of the WPP group. He also has experience in offering consultancy and advice regarding trend analysis, working with customers, and business development,

“As someone who has thrived from delivering positive change through progressive energy projects, I will offer a great understanding of energy compliance, best practice and behaviour change for TEAM customers, while supporting the development of climate action within the services portfolio” said Arje.
Sam went on to add:

“TEAM is a highly ambitious company driving sustainable change, seeing its strong reputation within the energy management industry continue to grow.
“Businesses in the UK are waking up to the government’s net-zero challenge, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with TEAM’s customers to help them implement successful energy and sustainability strategies and amplify their contribution to significant environmental change.”

With this latest investment in talent, TEAM is enabling genuine growth in their Energy Services portfolio, developing an expansive suite of services, to support organisations in reducing carbon emissions and realise their sustainability goals. As an experienced energy and sustainability manager, Sam understands the operational and strategic challenges TEAM’s customers face. His appointment affirms the organisation’s commitment to build energy partnerships with their customers, deliver successful energy management, and drive positive climate action.

Notes to Editors
For further information, please contact:
Pauline Scoins – Marketing and PR Executive

TEAM Energy
Phone: +44 (0)1908 690018 Ext 204
EDW House, Radian Court, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, MK5 8PJ

About TEAM
TEAM Energy is a leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. We specialise in energy management software, energy bureau services and energy consultancy.
TEAM’s customers come from the private sectors including retail, transport and banking, and public sectors such as education, government, NHS and the emergency services. Public sector organisations can also benefit from TEAM’s services under various pre-tendered government frameworks.

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Trash talk: Designer asks Hollywood to replace plastic with rubbish

A ground-breaking designer has urged the film industry to turn its focus on using recycling materials after displaying her own skill for transforming discarded items into an eye-catching costume.

Lili Giacobino has revealed a stunning ‘gothic queen’ outfit created out of 195 CDs, 16 food containers, 11 newspapers and two old magazines.

And now she wants major production studios to follow suit and ditch the plastic for stuff found on in the recycling bin.

Lili, based in London, said: “The film industry gives us a fantastic opportunity to dream, travel and escape into a whole different world.

“Talented craftsmen have developed impressive skill sets to replicate objects, textures and finishes. But often materials used aren’t eco-friendly as they’re usually plastic-based.

“Some materials like EVA foam are fantastic and you can create quickly some amazing shapes and sculpt some intricate details into it.

“I have enjoyed working with it but I also thought about the fact that this material, like many others, will take hundreds of years to decompose – if it ever does.

“When we already have so much plastic in our food shopping alone, could we find some use for what would otherwise end up in landfill?”

Lili’s main aim was to create something out of recycled materials that was beautiful but also made out of trash.

She even detailed the building of the gothic queen ensemble on her YouTube channel – with step-by-step footage showing the whole creative process.

Lili – who was born in born in St-Etienne, France – added: “I have spent a lot of time in my workshop experimenting with all sorts of materials and ingredients.

“In order to create new solutions I sometimes have to go back in time and play with old newspaper and PVA like I used to as a kid, then incorporate corn starch and see what kind of texture I can get out of it.”

Based in Kingston-upon-Thames, London, Lili studied Product and Furniture Design at university before turning her attention to bricks and mortar.

She spent seven years refurbishing properties while training in carpentry, tiling and plumbing. She now enjoys creating some props and costumes in her own studio.

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